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28 January, 2022

Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger!

Being an international school with more than 60 different nationalities, BSB teachers always try to include opportunities for students to learn and experience about traditions and cultures from around the world in their lessons.

2022 CNY Story
Hear a Story about Tiger

As the Chinese New Year of the Tiger approaches, hear our Secondary students tell a famous Chinese tiger tale that they had learnt in Mandarin class!

Based on the Chinese idiom 狐假虎威 (fox using tiger’s power), this is just one example of the traditional stories that helps them understand how the Chinese language can be used in everyday conversations.

My project 45
Making Traditional Jiaozi

Even our young students got involved!

Today was a special day for our Reception students. As Chinese New Year fast approaches, our teachers prepared a wonderful activity where students were able to make their own jiaozi dumplings. Jiaozi are folded to resemble the “yuanbao” and have great cultural significance attached to them. Being a popular traditional dish for this time of the year, you’re never too young to learn the ancient art of jiaozi making!

They tasted fabulous as students finally got to munch on their creations fresh from the boiling pot. Happy Chinese New Year from all of us in Early Years Foundation Stage!


BSB Shunyi wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year of the Tiger!