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21 February, 2022

Drama Students Improvising on the Spot during VSE

Drama Students Improvising on the Spot during VSE

When Virtual School Experience (VSE) began, Year 8 and Year 9 Drama students were due to perform their Improvisation summative assessments. Students could have been disheartened by having to perform their assessments online, but they rose to the occasion, were positive and adapted to the situation.

8D Drama Breakout rooms

To warm-up for their improvised scenes, students worked together in Teams breakout rooms where Mr Sullivan was able to pop in and give formative feedback.

Then for their assessment, students got suggestions from the rest of the class and were spotlighted to begin their performance.  During each performance, classmates wrote real time peer feedback in the chat and at the conclusion wrote predicted grades against the assessment rubric. It was a valuable learning experience for all.

It was an entertaining couple of weeks as all students showed they could make and accept offers to create an improvised scene. Although movement was limited online, it meant students had to focus more on their dramatic techniques of voice, facial expression, and gesture to communicate their role.

As I write this, we are now back at school and are certainly delighted to have face-to-face Drama, once again.

Mr Paul Sullivan

Secondary Drama Teacher