14 June, 2022

Drive in beijing

Applying is relatively easy and can be done without much help, aside from translation of documents, and a ride to the test center. 

Documents needed are originals and copies:

  • Passport with residence permit (original & copy of photo page and visa page)
  • Driver License from home country(original within the valid period)
  • Home country Driver License translated into Chinese (a form is available at the testing center)
  • 5 piece of color photos, must be white background, small size 1”
  • ‘Temporary Residence Registration Form’ issued by the local police
  • Driver’s Health Check Report
  • Application Form

Step One

Go to any hospital that can conduct the health check service and get the passed report. The government charge for the check up is RMB10. At the time of writing this article, Terminal 3 at the airport provides this service in their First Aid desk

Step Two

Make an appointment with Vehicle Administrative Office for the ’Beijing Traffic Rule Test’/Test

       Address: No. 18 South Fourth Ring Road, East Side 南4环东路18号

       Entity: Beijing Vehicle Management Department - Foreigners Diversion 北京市车辆管理所外事科 (it is inside  a small door on the left side of the main room. Look for the toilets and go past them) 

Telephone: +86 10 6839 7905

Opening Hours: 8:30~11:00 and 13:30~17:00 Monday to Friday

 Note: Location of the test is in the Vehicle Administrative Office, the test is only organized every Tuesday and Wednesday, and you need to make an appointment in advance before taking the test. The test reference book can be purchased at Vehicle Administrative Office where you make the appointment. The government charge for the test is RMB 50 and you should make the appointment about two weeks in advance.

You must bring your original passport together with the test notice from Vehicle Administrative Office.

Step Three

Go back to the Vehicle Administrative Office on the date that you booked and take the test at a computer. It will be automatically graded. You can take the test up to two times in one day. Minimum passing score is 90%. 

Step Four

Once you pass the test, the official will provide you with a paper confirming a passing score. Go immediately downstairs to the main hall and fill out a courier form with your address & telephone number, then pay the courier fee. They will send the Chinese driver license to you directly once it’s printed, usually within one week. Alternatively you can pick up the driver license yourself after one week, with the passed certificate.

Your Chinese Driver License is valid for six years, but must be re-registered periodically throughout that time, if you use it for more than six years in China.

Please note:

This information is provided in good faith based on information currently available and is therefore subject to change. It is not intended to provide specific advice or guidance or take the place of either the written law or regulations. BSB Shuynyi assumes no liability for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the data contained herein or for any loss or damage arising in contract, tort or otherwise in reliance of the data contained or omitted from this advice or from any action or decision taken as a result.

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