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24 June, 2022

Emily Liu - Emory and Manchester Offers

Emily Liu - Emory and Manchester Offers - Emily Liu Emory and Manchester Offers
Emily Liu - Emory and Manchester Offers

Emily has spent her full secondary school life at BSB and has been rewarded for her hard work and dedication in her final year of secondary school. She has achieved an excellent IB Diploma score of 43 out of 45 and has received offers from three prestige universities: Emory University, Manchester University and Durham University.

She has always strived for academic perfection as she aspires to become a researcher in the neurobiology area. This ambition has motivated her academic rigour and allowed her to persevere and validate her choice of social practice and internship work. Emily's family and school have been extremely supportive of her dream. Regarding academics,

BSB has always provided Emily the strongest educational support and opportunities for her to participate in a variety of large events and social activities beyond the classroom, such as Model United Nations, BRITMUN, HighFour Competition and school productions which helped develop her personal interests. "I've gained leadership experience at BSB which will help me in the future to host bigger events. I also learned to make friends with people with drastically different personalities."

She has also done many charity work. Currently she's working as a research assistant at the UMass' Horae Gene Therapy Center, allowing her to further uphold her ambition. "I’ve helped in Cochlear Training and Education Center as a teaching assistant for auditory-impaired children. I’ve led painting workshops and got to know many children. I learned to not take everything for granted, and be grateful for having a healthy body." 

Emily's self-discipline, hard work and genuine compassion for others all contributes to her outstanding achievements, so let's congratulate Emily on her excellent results! We are confident that she will be able to achieve her dreams in the future.

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