Exceptional 2023 IGCSE Results at BSB Shunyi-Exceptional 2023 IGCSE Results at BSB Shunyi-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
02 September, 2023

Exceptional 2023 IGCSE Results!

Exceptional 2023 IGCSE Results at BSB Shunyi-Exceptional 2023 IGCSE Results at BSB Shunyi-2023-IGCSE-results-v2

On behalf of The British School Beijing (BSB) Shunyi, we proudly congratulate our incoming Year 12 students on their exceptional IGCSE results. The students have demonstrated remarkable achievement, surpassed national averages and achieved outstanding grades across the board.

Our students achieved an impressive number of A and A* grades, far exceeding national averages. An outstanding 40% of the examinations taken resulted in top grades, reflecting the dedication and academic prowess of our students and the personalised support provided by our teachers. This achievement is particularly noteworthy in light of the recent recalibration of grade boundaries to pre-pandemic levels. This means that the number of As and A*s achieved worldwide decreased whereas our school saw a notable increase.

  • Notably, in the challenging field of Additional Mathematics, 92% of our students secured A* or A grades, a testament to their dedication and strong mathematical skills.
  • In the Standard Mathematics course, an impressive 71% of students achieved either an A* or A grade, showcasing their mastery of the subject.
  • In Drama, a remarkable 67% of students attained A* or A grades, underscoring their creativity and artistic abilities.
  • The success story extends to language learners as well. An impressive 77% of students studying English as an Additional Language achieved top grades, while 71% of Mandarin foreign language learners secured A* and A grades.

As we celebrate this collective success, we look forward to sharing individual success stories in the coming weeks. These stories will offer an insight into the exceptional achievements of our students and the remarkable journeys they have embarked upon. Stay tuned for more updates!