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12 December, 2023

2023-24 Parent Satisfaction Survey is now live

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Dear parents,

We are pleased to announce that the 2023-24 Parent Satisfaction Survey is now live and will remain open until 4 February 2024.

Please refer to Mrs. Needham's email to all parents, Primary and Secondary weekly parent updates for the Survey link and QR code.

  • The survey is available in many languages and is accessible through PC, Mac, tablet, iPad, or smartphone.
  • It should take you only 10-15 minutes to complete. Each family only need to do once on behalf of all your children.
  • Your responses will be anonymous and combined with other parents at BSB

We hope you will take this opportunity to tell us what you think about our school and opportunities for improvement. Your feedback is vital in helping us create the best education for your child.

The results from the survey inform our strategy for continuous improvement. Therefore, the more responses we get, the more confident we can be that our action plans respond to your views.

Last year 42% of our parents were classified as ‘promoters’ of our school (giving scores of 9 or 10 out of 10) and a further 36% were classed as ‘passive’ (giving scores of 7 or 8 out of 10).  Our aim is to increase the percentage of ‘promotors’ each year – those of you who are happy with the service that we provide to you and your children.

Last year we received positive feedback around your child’s happiness and in how we provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students. There was also positive feedback around the relationships that our teachers and staff build with your children and how we keep you informed of all that happens at school. Parents were positive about children’s academic and social progress at our school in the last survey.

After the survey last year, we look closely at any question where less that 80% of parents agreed or strongly agreed with a statement and make these areas a focus for this academic year. For example, more trips, visits and community events were requested and more of you need to feel that you are part of a supportive parent community.  I am sure you will agree that there are so many more opportunities for building community this year and we are very grateful to our wonderful PTA who have helped to support this return to a community feel.

The residential trips and expeditions for our older students have been re-introduced this year, as have student trips to MIT and the NAE UNICEF summit in New York.

More practical issues raised were around the canteen layout and, as a result the canteen underwent a full renovation and introduction of additional serving stations. An additional station has also been added in the last few weeks to reduce waiting times in the lunch queue.

Parents requested even more feedback form the school about how they could support their child and wanted to feel more involved.  We have re-introduced face-to-face parent consultations and have facilitated more workshops and information events for all age groups.

Your answers make a difference to us and inform our school development plan. After analysis of the survey, other feedback and school results, the whole staff chose areas of development for the school. They chose personalization of learning, communication, measuring pupil progress and wellbeing of our students and staff as focus points and each of our teacher has personal targets relating to these areas.

So, you see, your responses to this survey are important to us and we use your answers to drive how we can be even better as a school!


We look forward to hearing your views.

Kind regards,

Jayne Needham