What is ManageBac?

ManageBac is the digital platform IB teachers and students use for all aspects of their IB studies. It contains information essential for all 6 subjects as well as CAS, TOK and EE.

It is here that teachers share, and students are able to access, the unit plans, specific tasks and resources for all of their IB subjects. The calendar function is utilised by all IB teachers to set deadlines; the message or discussion function is where announcements can be communicated. Importantly, spaces like the CAS portfolio or EE Researcher's Reflection Space is where students keep all of this core work.

In all, this unified system ensures a consistent platform, as well as a seamless and integrated experience for teachers, students, and parents alike to manage every aspect of the curriculum.

If you would like more information or support with ManageBac, please reach out to Ms Sarah Donnelly, Assistant Head of Secondary,  IB Diploma Coordinator.


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