School Uniforms

Our students are required to wear a school uniform that is comfortable and adaptable to the season.

Our students are proud to wear their BSB Shunyi uniforms, embodying our school’s principle of presenting ourselves respectfully and professionally. Our uniforms are comfortable and adaptable to the changing seasons in Beijing.

Uniform Guide

Our school values the principle of students respecting themselves and presenting themselves in a professional manner. To this end we uphold the uniform requirements at all times and we expect them to be worn on the journeys to and from school, as well as at any activities hosted by BSB. Students are regularly rewarded for the neat and tidy manner in which they represent their school.

We also have a Non-Uniform dress code and detailed guidelines for our IB Diploma students who, instead of uniform, are required to wear business attire.

Please click to see details BSB Shunyi Uniform Guide  

We have 2 ways to purchase uniform.

1.BSB Online Uniform Shop

For your convenience, you can simply purchase your Uniform using our Online Uniform Shop through their App anytime throughout the year.

BSB Shunyi Online Uniform Shop Instructions - please click for step-by-step instructions

All your uniform products can be chosen and purchased directly online with fee delivery to your address.

2.School's Uniform Shop 

We have a Uniform Shop located in the foyer. Our staff will assist students in choosing the right size and making sure they have all the essentials.

The uniform clerk will help you to try on and choose the uniform with correct size. We will pack the uniform by your size for you if we have all the items in store at that moment, otherwise after you place the order, our uniform clerk will give you a phone call when your order has arrived (usually no more than 7 working days) and ready for collection.

2023 Summer Uniform Shop Hours

Note that our BSB Online Uniform Shop remains open throughout the summer holidays. Purchase and free delivery is always available for our parents.


If you have any questions, please contact the School's Uniform Shop at 8047 3513 or email