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BBC School Report - Written Report on Fanfictions

10 February 2015

What is it?
Two of the dictionary descriptions for the word “fanfic” are “fiction written by fans of a TV series, movie, etc., using existing characters and situations to develop new plots.” and “fiction written around previously established characters invented by other authors”.
There are multiple sites, but the three most popular are Kindleworlds.com, Quotev.com, and the most used one is Fanfiction.net, with over 2 million users.
I asked some users of fanfiction.net 5 questions each, CoffeShopWriter, or Katie; DreamerAwaken, or Victoria; and HardWrapping, or Vincent. And these were the anwers:

Why do you write fanfiction?
Katie: Once I get invested in a book, movie, or TV show, I go all in. I fall in love with the story, the characters, all of it. And so I want to expand that universe by writing down my ideas on it. Sometimes, I’ll write to change the way a story happened, or the way a character is, or I’ll write simply to record the happenings of my imagination. Simply put, I write fanfiction because I love whatever fictional world I’ve become a part of.
Victoria: Both writing and drawing are a way of expression and also an escape from the real world in my case. I write to describe, and I draw to represent. It’s fun to describe places with words and see the readers trying to picture it in their minds, and that’s why I like to write fanfiction- it boosts everyone’s imagination, both the writer’s and the readers’.
Vincent: I write Fanfic for a couple reasons. One is that I have a really active imagination, and writing them down helps me express it. I use to walk around the house making up stories and telling them to my parents and grandma, but as I got older I started to write them instead. It’s like a way to vent out all the ideas in my head. I also like doing it because it relaxes me. It’s just something I really like doing.

Which fandoms do you mainly write about? What is your favourite?
Katie: I’ve fallen in and out of so many fandoms over the years, but there are a handful of them that have stuck to me like glue. Let’s start with TV shows. Of course, there’s the Big Three: Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural. A few more BBC shows, such as Robin Hood and Merlin, a few American shows, such as Once Upon A Time and Teen Wolf. As for books, my favourite fandoms are the Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is definitely my favourite. It was my first fandom I’d joined ever, and I haven’t wavered since.
Victoria: So far Wreck-It Ralph, and I have many favourites fandoms between animations, movies and TV shows, but I don’t write so much about them because I can’t either portray all the characters well or get inspired enough to work on a story with an interesting plot.
Vincent: I don’t think there’s exactly one fandom I favour over the others. The genre I favour most is animated movies, Like How to Train Your Dragon, Wreck-It Ralph, and Brave, and those are the ones I write about the most. I also write about cartoons from time to time. I also really like anime.

Is there a story you are very proud of? Which one?
Katie: I’ve written many stories, but there are very few that I’ve posted online. The one I’m most proud is one that no one’s seen. In the Teen Wolf universe, I created a character that’s psychic and told the plot of the show from her point of view. She’s definitely my favourite character that I’ve created, and I’ve become more invested in this story than any other one I’ve written. In fact, it’s not even finished and I’m still writing it. One day, I’ll let the world see it.
Victoria: I think the Gloyd’s Past series so far are the best! I get a lot of positive reviews in those, and I’m proud of things people like.
Vincent: I think the story that I’m most proud of is “Sugar Rush: Rival Racing” It was my first fic that had gotten over a hundred reviews. Even though it was had plenty of typos and was a bit cheesy, I was proud because of how well people responded to it.

Do you think writing fanfiction affects or boosts your writing skills in any way?
Katie: In terms of fictional narratives, I would say fanfiction has increased my writing skill. I look up ways to polish my writing all the time. Although my writing is nowhere near the level of how a professional author writes, it has improved greatly over the years. However, in terms of essays, unfortunately writing is not my strong suit!
Victoria: Yes it does! You want to see people liking your stuff, and to do that you need to see if the grammar is correct, the story flows well, the descriptions of things in your story are well done, and if the characters you portray are “being themselves”. There are many small details you need to watch and work with when writing fanfiction and the more to write, the more experience you earn.
Vincent: I do think writing boosts my skills. I’ve been writing for a few years now, but I know I still need improving. With every chapter or story I put up a notice little less typos or errors, but their never gone. You can always get better, and I plan to.

Where do you get inspiration for writing?
Katie: For inspiration, ideas simply blossom in my mind and they stay there until I write them down on paper. I could get these ideas from anything – something I’ve read or watched my own experiences, or even my dreams. I’m drawn to the beauty of life and love, as opposed to the harsh settings of reality, and would prefer my stories to reflect that aspect. That’s why most of the things I write are love stories – in my opinion, there’s nothing more beautiful in life than love.
Victoria: Well, so far I can’t exactly tell- sometimes it’s an idea than came to me in an instant, sometimes it’s a drawing that I liked and I wanted to write a story behind it (That’s how Gloyd’s Past happened) and sometimes it may be an idea that I store in my mind for days, until I decided whenever to work on it or not.
Vincent: I think I get my inspiration mostly for cartoons and movies I’ve seen as a child. I used to watch shows like Kids Next Door and Digimon and the like, and they would get the gears in my head spinning. I’d think what if that were I in that situation, and it just spiralled into some crazy story from there.

Some commonly used words/abbreviations:
Fanfiction, like many other things, has its own set of terms, and these are some of them used by writers:
Drabble: a one-shot with normally less than 1000 or 500 words.
A/N: author’s note. Usually put at the start or end of a chapter to add extra information on the story or characters.
AU: alternate universe, this means the world (universe) is different from the normal version of the fandom. Example: High school AU
OOC: out of character, or when a character does not act like him/herself for some reason.
OC: original character, so a character that is not in the actual book/movie/TV series.
FLAME: A term used to describe a harsh comment or review, only pointing out the faults, often using heavy sarcasm.
SHIP: a pairing, which usually is the names of the two characters mixed together. An example is “Percabeth”, which is the ship name for Percy and Annabeth.
Prepared and edited by Giovana. 



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