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30 March, 2022

British Science Week on Lower Campus 2022

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British Science Week on Lower Campus 2022 Spring excitement grew on Lower Campus as Science Week 2022 swept into town. This year’s topic was 'Growth'. Science 5000  1831 px

From classroom to classroom, the children of Lower Campus could be seen using their hands to explore this year’s Science Week topic, 'Growth'.

In Nursery, our youngest students were making healthy superheroes. They considered what is needed to grow into a fit and healthy adult and they collaborated to draw this onto giant pieces of paper enthusiastically. 

Reception linked their Science Week activities with their English topic. They carefully planted beans into soil, like Jack did in the fairy-tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They then accurately recorded the plant’s growth as it climbed up towards their castle. 


In Year 1, The students focused on the lifecycles of Sunflowers. In groups, they drew and made diagrams of a sunflower’s growth at different stages of its life. The impressed their teachers with fantastic descriptions of their development at each stage. Fittingly, this activity linked extremely well with their song for the upcoming Lower Campus Spring Concert. 

Year 2 aimed their attention towards planting carrot tops! The students discussed what plants need to grow healthily and carried out an investigation into the best places to put the plants around their classrooms. They also observed what happens to plants when they are given different amounts of water. 

Throughout Science Week, Year 3 completed a wide variety of activities. First, the students used plasticine to create lifecycles for a number of different animals. They then turned their attention away from our planet and designed an animal to live on Mars! They researched Mars’s climate and considered what features their animal would need to survive. 


ear 4 started their week learning about how scientists can work out the age of a shark, which is linked to its size. The students wanted to know if this was the same with humans. They measured and recorded their age and their height in a table. The students then plotted this data onto a line graph to see if there was a correlation. Year 4 also created farms, using Minecraft. The children used their coding and computing skills to prepare land, plant their seed and provide good conditions for growth. 

As Science Week came to an end, the Lower Primary students were given one more challenge – which class can grow the tallest bean plant! Each class was given the same materials, but it was up to the students how they take care of their class’s plant. Science Week 2022 was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the students and the teachers are already excited for Science Week 2023!