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Alex Ya-Ge Yu

Alex Yu

University College London

Congratulations to 2020 Graduate Alex Yu who will be studying Electrical/Electronic Engineering at the University College London!  He achieved an amazing score of 41 (out of 45) for his IB Diploma.

1.Please tell us your plans - which Universities have you applied and what subject do you plan to study etc.

I mainly applied to universities in Canada and the UK including the University of Toronto, McGill University, UCL, University of Warwick etc. I've chosen Double E (Electrical/Electronic Engineering) as the subject that I plan to study in the future.


2.How has studying at BSB helped you achieve academic success/ university acceptance/ personal development?

The teachers at BSB have helped me achieve many things, both academically and in college admissions. I think the teachers of BSB are full of enthusiasm for the students all the time. The teachers here do not abandon any students because of their poor academic performance; they will do their best to help all students and encourage them. When I just joined the community of BSB, I was very introverted and did not dare to have too much contact with my classmates, nor did I dare to ask the teacher questions. But BSB's teachers found this out. They often asked me if there was anything I didn't understand after class to help me consolidate what I learned today. Sometimes I even had one-on-one teaching with my teacher after school, which helped me achieve academic success.

In addition, in terms of university admission, with the help of the excellent guidance of BSB, I have successfully obtained the admission letters from many world-renowned universities. BSB has a very professional university counsellor Mr. Chesher. Although he is very busy every day, but if you want to consult him about college application or life goals, he will stop the work immediately and do his best to help you. With the help of these excellent teachers from BSB, I succeeded in both academic and college admission.


3. Please give us 2 of your best memories from your time at BSB.

One of my best memories from my time at BSB is the help that Mr. Finn gave me when I first came to BSB. When I first came to BSB, I missed one unit because the progress of my previous school's chemistry class was different from that of BSB. After Mr. Finn knew about this, he asked me to study one-on-one with him after school, and he used his break time to help me learn the units I had left behind. With the help of Mr. Finn, I successfully caught up with the teaching progress of BSB's chemistry class in a short time.

The motivational breakfast we had before the IB mock exam. It was painful, though, that after breakfast, we were all about to have our mock exam, but everyone was happy at the meal (It's a rare chance for everyone to sit down and have breakfast together).


4.What do you think is special about BSB?

  • Teaching environment
  • All the teachers are very knowledgeable.
  • Comfortable campus environment
  • The teacher will help the students to the greatest extent
  • Students are very united with each other and do not exclude or discriminate against each other.


5. What advice do you have for other students at school?

For the students who are about to enter their first year of IB Diploma, you must think carefully about what you want to study in the future when choosing courses. Because if you choose the wrong subject, there will be a lot of restrictions on the majors you can apply for when you apply to a university.