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    We provide international education to over 1,100 students ages 1-18. We are at the heart of our community, a hub for many expat families in living Beijing.

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    Through the Nord Anglia University we focus our teachers professional development to ensure that your child receives high quality teaching experience.

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    You will immediately recognise one of our students when you meet them by their evident respect for others, their intellectual and social confidence.

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    We are a high achieving school with excellent academic success. We believe in bringing out the best in every student of all abilities.

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    We have a dedicated team waiting to hear from you and ready to put you in touch with others whom you may wish or need to speak to.

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    Through our News & Insights section you can find out the latest from our school and from other schools in the Nord Anglia Education global family.

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    We teach the English National Curriculum, offer a German curriculum at primary level and IB Diploma for Years 12 & 13 students.

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BSB School House System

We look to celebrate success, and our teachers are always on the look out to ‘catch students doing things well’. We like informal praise, where teachers look to find opportunities to praise students every day as part of their normal classroom practice.

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Rewarding Success 

We look to celebrate success, and our teachers are always on the look out to ‘catch students doing things well’. We like informal praise, where teachers look to find opportunities to praise students every day as part of their normal classroom practice.  We praise and reward children for good behaviour in a variety of ways:

Our House system and House merit scheme

Upon entry to our school, each student is allocated a House:

  • Saxons (Green)
  • Vikings (Yellow)
  • Romans (Blue)
  • Normans (Red).

Within each class, we try to ensure a balanced number of girls and boys in each House.

Our House system enables us to have a merit scheme whereby students earn PAWS (primary school) and merits (secondary school).

The House system also enables smooth organisation of internal competitions such as house sports events. 

Primary School Rewards (EYFS, KS1, KS2)

P-Positive Behaviour; A-Academic Achievement; W-Working Together; S-Sport

The children earn PAWS to record their academic and non-academic achievements. Children can be awarded 1,2, or even 3 (in exceptional circumstances) PAWS for a variety of reasons. The system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement as well as fostering a strong community spirit amongst them. The children collect PAWS throughout the year, potentially earning Bronze, Gold, Silver, Emerald and Diamond certificates. Children record all PAWS on their own giant PAW with all PAWS subsequently tallied at the end of the academic year and added to house totals. 

 1 PAW (Isolated achievement - Kindness, good work, helpfulness)

  • Modelling good behaviour
  • Great manners (holding doors open, excuse me to get past)
  • Showing good behaviour that they normally find difficult (trying hard to sit nicely on the carpet, answer questions, start tasks straight away)
  • Sharing (without being asked)
  • Following any of the Golden Rules without prompts.
  • Following carpet time rules.
  • Good homework

 2 PAWS (Sustained achievement – good behaviour, achieved target, creative homework)

  • Achieving targets and goals set by the teacher (over a period of time)
  • Any of the number 1 paw criteria but over an extended period of time (to show the constantly well behaved children that they are recognised)
  • Work of a very high standard.
  • Persisting with a task they find challenging without adult intervention 

3 PAWS (Special / exceptional achievement – Something above and beyond the norm)

  • Outstanding achievements that are considerably higher than normal expectations. 

Specific Examples






Holding a door open

Adults other than class teacher identifying positive behaviours



impeccable behaviour (awarded at

the end of

each term)

Good manners


Sitting nicely


Setting a good example

Organised and well-dressed over a sustained period of time



Helping others


Tidying up / picking up litter


Smartly dressed (correct



Responding to adults and making eye contact


Following instructions







Answering a question

having a go.


to overcome

 difficult tasks.

Work that is above and beyond usual expectations. This could be a project or another type of academic achievement.

Work to be shared with PLT.






Team work

Reaching out to other children when they are in need of a friend or some support. (Without teacher guidance)

Examples where children have worked together to reach a common goal with an incredible outcome. To be share with PLT.

Sharing without having to be asked.


Helping a friend in or out of the classroom.







Prepared for class, by wearing the BSB sports kit/swim wear to class.

Become a leader within your peers and help others in your team/ group/ class without being asked to.



impeccable behaviour and good sports etiquette (awarded at the end of each term)

Works well within their friendship group.

Help carry equipment to and from lesson or set up or clear away equipment without being asked.

Help carry equipment to and from lesson or set up or clear away equipment when asked.

Show positive attitude in game situations, respecting the referee’s decision.

Help others in your team/group/class when asked to.


Persevere and don’t give up on the skill.


Follow instructions and practise the skills to the best of your ability.


Listen to instructions  attentively and be able to answer questions on the topic


‘Star of the Week’ and ‘You’ve Been Spotted’

In Years 1-6, children gather each Friday to decide on a ‘Star of the Week’. The children vote and the child voted ‘Star of the Week has their name read out in our weekly Celebrations Assembly. The Star of the Week also receives a certificate from their teacher. In EYFS one child from each class is ‘Spotted’ by their class teacher for doing well at something over the course  of the week. At the weekly Spotted Assembly the child’s name is read out and a certificate is awarded. 

Secondary School Rewards
Students in secondary school are awarded house points for excellent work in class, excellent homework or for making an outstanding effort. Totals are calculated each week and are displayed in the classrooms. House point badges are awarded to students in Celebration Assemblies.

Bronze - 25 Merits
Silver - 50 Merits
Gold - 100 Merits
Platinum - 150 Merits