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Sports Day 2018

Every year the students compete against each other during the annual Kings School of Manila (KSM) Sports Day. All the children were so excited and already prepared for Sports Day the month before it even started. 

Sports Day is an event that all students look forward to, some may even consider it as the highlight of their year!

House Captains led activities that allowed students to make posters, banners and pom poms to cheer on their house!

They all treated each other with kindness and respect even though they were rivals, they cheered for all the houses even though it wasnt their house, and they cheered and congratulated the Winning House, Romans when they were presented with the house cup.

The students participated in different sports related activities that challenged their strength, agility, coordination and much more. Each house cheered as loud as they could for their teammates, and showed great sportsmanship during sports day.

The Green House, Saxons finished at 4th place with 394 points, The Yellow House, Vikings finished in 3rd place with 440 points, The Red House, Normans finished at a close 2nd place with 447 points and the Blue House, Romans took the Grand Prize and finished at 1st place place with a whopping 451 points. All the scores were so close.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Sports Day started out with a beautiful dance number that was choreographed by Ms. Rachel DeGuzman. Parents and KS3 students joined in and danced along with the kids to give them the courage to start Sports Day with a bang, and win the House Cup for their house.

KS3 students took on leadership positions and were great examples to the younger students. They took part in organising the children and making sure they were on the correct racetrack, they recorded all of the times that were crucial in deciding the winner of the House Cup, and they helped capture all the precious moments when a child crossedthe finish line.

They all took on extremely challenging roles that tested their patience and leadership experience, while also setting examples for the younger years and giving them courage to cross the finish line with a smile on their faces. They showed their teamwork skills when they took part in the Circle Baton Relay, they challenged their strength during the Tug of War while even playing with other houses, they ran as fast as they could in the 40m Sprint Relay, and showed a compilation of different abilities when they took part in the Obstacle Race.

All of the students were eager to join more activities! At the end of their Sports Day, they all remained friends, congratulated each other with a hug whether they won or not, and continued on walking side by side feeling confident while carrying a big smile on their face.It was then turn for the KS3 students.

They arrived at school with their warrior faces and in their house shirts. Parents arrived in their childs house colours and equipped with cameras to capture the moment. Everywhere you looked, you could see that every single student was determined to win.

The day started off with a 40m sprint followed by a 40m hurdle race where students had to jump over hurdles that were over 1m high! They then started the 80m shuttles where they challenged their speed and agility. At that moment, it started raining.The students had their eyes set on winning the House Cup that a little rain would not stop them from winning. Some students even had to race twice to cover for their absent peers! As the day went on, it started raining even harder, but the students were determined and worked as hard as they could!

The next race was the Obstacle Race, followed by the sack race. Both races required different sets of skills that were incredibly hard to master.

The next races were the 150m races, 300m race and the 5x40m shuttle relay where the students worked in teams to finish the race. The Tug of War was the main event that everyone was waiting for. The Year 5 and 6 girls, beating the mighty Vikings, put on an amazing show.

The students showed tremendous amounts of strength and courage during the match, competing against people who were larger, or smaller and claiming the victory.

During the awardsceremony, you could see how proud everyone was of himself or herself. They congratulated each other with high-fives, cheers, and hugs while their peers collected their medals. Almost all of the students who participated in Sports Day were able to claim a medal to themselves.

Watching the Sports Day gave everyone chills as they cheered and competed. The effort that the students exerted into this day will surely put a smile on your face. Even though they were rivals, nothing could break the friendship and teamwork that the students showed during Sports Day.

We all surely look forward for the next Sports Day.