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    我们为1-18岁 超过1100名学生提供国际教育。作为社区的中心,我们已经成为在京外国家庭的交流中心。

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02 二月 2015

It has been an incredible busy and fun weekend at BSB with both the U19 ACAMIS basketball & AISA Math Mania and Leadership Conference. I just want to thank everyone for all of their understanding and support that any disruptions or inconveniences these two events may have caused you. Also could I thank all the teachers who brought their students to the gym to cheer on our BSB teams for basketball. The students/players and coaches greatly appreciated all of this support. Lastly, could I just thank again all the PE teaching staff who worked the whole ACAMIS tournament as well as Paul, Peter, & David for all of their help, set-up, and organization for the AISA event. Again greatly appreciated.

Results from Week 19


1st SIS (Seoul International School)

2nd KIS (Korea International School)

3rd YIS (Yokohama International School)

Top Mathematician: Jessica Chung (SIS)


U19 ACAMIS Gold Division Basketball @BSB FINAL STANDINGS:

Final Standings (Boys)

1st TIS (The International School Macau)

2nd DAIS (Dalian American International School)

3rd HKA (Hong Kong Academy)

4th ISNS (International School of Nanshan Shenzhen)

5th HIS (Hangzhou International School)

6th BSB

Sportsmanship: BSB

ACAMIS All-Tournament Selection for Boys: Jordan Chan


Final Standings (Girls)

1st HKA (Hong Kong Academy)

2nd HIS (Hangzhou International School)

3rd TIS (The International School Macau)

4th BSB

5th ISNS (International School of Nanshan Shenzhen)

6th DAIS (Dalian American International School)

Sportsmanship: ISNS

ACAMIS All-Tournament Selection for Girls: Juanita Eben



TIS 38 vs. ISNS 24 (1 v 4)

HKA 32 vs. DAIS 49 (2 v 3)

HIS 29 vs. BSB 23 (5 v 6)

TIS 38 vs. DAIS 25 (Championship)

ISNS 35 vs. HKA 41 (3rd/4th)


TIS 14 vs. HKA 17 (1 v 4)

BSB 11 vs. HIS 17 (2 v 3)

ISNS 25 vs. DAIS 19 (5 v 6)

HKA 22 vs. HIS 12 (Championship)

BSB 18 vs. TIS 23 (3rd/4th)


Rankings After Round Robin Play for Boys

1st TIS

2nd HKA

3rd DAIS

4th ISNS

5th HIS

6th BSB

Rankings After Round Robin Play for Girls

1st TIS

2nd BSB

3rd HIS

4th HKA

5th ISNS

6th DAIS


Round 5


DAIS 42 vs. HIS 31

BSB 23 vs. TIS 57

ISNS 19 vs. HKA 42


DAIS 3 vs. HIS 22

BSB 19 vs. TIS 21

ISNS 18 vs. HKA 28


Round 4


ISNS 15 vs. TIS 26

HKA 26 vs. HIS 19

DAIS 45 vs. BSB 28


ISNS 14 vs. TIS 21

HKA 29 vs. HIS 31

DAIS 9 vs. BSB 26


Round 3


BSB 29 vs. ISNS 33

HKA 28 vs. DAIS 33

HIS 19 vs. TIS 47


BSB 24   vs. ISNS 18

HKA 30  vs. DAIS 7

HIS 10  vs. TIS 24


Round 2


HKA 43 vs. 21 BSB     

HIS 27 vs. 36 ISNS    

TIS 43 vs. 23 DAIS


HKA 6 vs. 16 BSB     

HIS 15 vs. 12 ISNS    

TIS 22 vs. 9 DAIS


Round 1


BSB 21 vs. HIS 41

ISNS 40 vs. DAIS 43

TIS 23 vs. HKA 24


BSB 15 vs. HIS 11

ISNS 30 vs. DAIS 21

TIS 20 vs. HKA 10

Update from Mr. Travis Washko, Director of Sport & PE