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    我们为1-18岁 超过1100名学生提供国际教育。作为社区的中心,我们已经成为在京外国家庭的交流中心。

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BSB STEAM Camp - Learn from the 'Super Natural'

Some of the powers superheroes possess already exists in the animal kingdom. From the amazing webs created by spiders to the gliding abilities of the Flying squirrel.

But what if we could explore these powers, learn from them, use them to make the world a better place and in the process become real superheroes?

Welcome to BSB STEAM Summer Camp!

What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. The objective of STEAM is to integrate these subjects and get students to think creatively across these disciplines rather than learning about these subjects individually. The intersection between these subjects is where the greatest number of discoveries are being made.

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  • STEAM Camp week 1 online (3)
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  • 2020 Year 1-3 STEAM Camp Trailier video
Year 1-3 STEAM Summer Camp 29th June – 10th July, 2020

The STEAM summer camp is a fun and exciting look into how we can take inspiration from the world around us and, by working together, create solutions to problems. The camp, hosted online, allows the children to develop their creativity and enquiry skills. The tasks set during the camp allow the children to develop resilience and try different approaches to solving a problem and above all, the camp encourages the children to ‘Be Ambitious’.

Children in the camp have had the opportunity to collect learning-based resource packs, prepared by our very own teaching superheroes, to support their learning and using these resources, as well as a range of videos, guide sheets and virtual lessons, the children have been able to produce outstanding examples of STEAM and share their work with others. They have even had a visit from the famous MR CROW!

The children have also had the opportunity to take part in energetic superhero themed virtual P.E lessons as well as exciting and fun-filled virtual Performing arts lesson inspired by our collaboration with Juilliard.

It has been wonderful seeing the children excited, engaged and enthusiastic during the camp as part of the MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM Programme.

Our young, future superheroes with inquisitive minds, big hearts and a passion to learn – This is what being ambitious is all about!

Click to see videos and photos what our students have accomplished in Week 1 of the STEAM Camp!
  • STEAM Summer Camp Video Week 1 (3rd July, 2020)
  • BSB STEAM Camp project by Year 2 Mary
  • STEAM Camp week 1 6
  • STEAM Camp week 1 5
  • STEAM Camp week 1 7
  • STEAM Camp week 1 8
  • STEAM Camp week 1 9
  • STEAM Camp week 1 10
  • STEAM Camp week 1 12
  • STEAM Camp week 1 2
  • STEAM Camp week 1 1
Play the video below to see what our students have accomplished in Week 2 of the STEAM Camp!
  • Video BSB STEAM Camp Week 2
A Big Thank you to our STEAM Camp Teachers and TAs

Teachers: Mr. Akhtar, Mrs. Warman, Ms. Robinson, Mr. Thorp, Mrs. Thorp, Mr. Corkery, Mrs. Kicker, Mr. Wanjara, Ms. Gemma

TAs: Priscilla Li, Denise Dai, Mariangela Divinia, Hua Li, Nora Xing, Helena Dong

Lian Xue Akhtar who helped arrange all the resources and costumes and without her there would be no camp!

Mr. Raz Akhtar

Head of Year 6 and STEAM Camp Coordinator

Click to learn about how our NAE-MIT STEAM Programme introduce BSB students to innovative ways of learning STEAM subjects.

  • STEAM Camp Teachers 1
  • MR crow
  • STEAM Camp Teachers 4
  • STEAM Camp Teachers 3
  • STEAM Camp Teachers 5
  • STEAM Camp TA
  • STEAM Camp Teachers 2
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