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    我们为1-18岁 超过1100名学生提供国际教育。作为社区的中心,我们已经成为在京外国家庭的交流中心。

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Vytenis Rimkevicius

Vytenis Rimkevicius

University of Bath

Congratulations to 2018 Graduate Vytenis who will be studying an integrated Masters course in Chemistry at the University of Bath in the UK.

Studying at BSB was truly an amazing experience and I hope everyone will have just an amazing time as I did during my short, but exciting and eventful time there.

I studied at BSB for 2 years, graduating with an IB diploma in 2018. Moving from Lithuania to China before the 2 most important years of my education journey was absolutely terrifying, but I am glad I chose to finish at BSB. The integration into the school was seamless and all of my tutors were both interested in learning about me and the country from which I came, but at the same time extremely supportive and helpful every step of the way. 

This can be attributed to the incredible staff at BSB, which was able to build both an excellent teaching environment, as well as introduce a strong sense of community between me and the other students which truly creates the sense that BSB is your second home.  

I believe the most special thing about BSB is the unified goal everyone is trying to accomplish together.  The motto “Be Ambitious” might seem a bit simplistic at first, but truly is the most wholehearted way of describing what BSB is. Ambitious teachers, who do not see teaching as just a job, but a responsibility towards the students, parents and the whole community. Ambitious students, who strive for perfection and greatness through every action and word, and ambitious goals, which bring everyone in the community together, allowing everyone to achieve greatness.

My fondest moment of all would be participating in the House Music Competition during my first year at BSB. There was something about the whole community singing, dancing and performing together that sparked a sense of pride and joy within me. It was not merely the talent of all the performing individuals, but it was moreover the knowledge that such an event was able to bring people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities into one big union. Something about that was just enchanting.
Another favourite memory of mine was all the discussion we held during our English classes. While I have to admit that during the first year of IB English everyone, including myself, were overwhelmed by the influx of new information and ideas, as time went on we began to analyse and delve deep into the issues we were presented with. As more and more people gained confidence in expressing their opinions, the conversations grew to become more vibrant and lively, with topics and discussion often taking over the entirety of the lesson. However, I believe it was invaluable to all of us within that classroom, as gleaming at the differing perspectives coming from different individuals was extremely educational and eye-opening.

The most valuable lesson that BSB has taught me is to always dream bigger.
I learned that setting big goals for yourself is necessary, as they will become a long term motivation to become a better and more rounded individual. It also taught me that failure is a part of the journey to success, as every failure becomes an opportunity to grow and prosper, helping you get over different hurdles in the future.

I have one advice for any students who will be tackling IB in the future. I simply want to recommend seeing CAS as an opportunity and not as a burden.
Many of us, including myself at first, viewed CAS as just another thing that stood in the way of getting our diploma, but it is completely the opposite of that. Look at CAS as a perfect opportunity to try new stuff and discover yourself as an individual outside academics. I truly believe that as we become older we grow a sense of fear for trying new things, because we are so afraid of failure. CAS is the perfect place to try and fail, then learn from your failures and gain insight into who you are as a person. So I urge you to throw yourself into weird and possibly uncomfortable activities just because you can.