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Britt Hanqing Ye

Britt Hanqing Ye 2

UC Berkeley

Congratulations to BSB 2020 Graduate Britt Ye who has been accepted by University of California Berkeley to study Economics!

1.Please tell us your plans e.g. what Universities have you apply and what subject do you plan to study etc.

I’ve applied to universities in the US. My primary areas of interest are business and economics – specifically the financial markets and business in the field of sports. I’ve received offers from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor to studying Sports Management at the School of Kinesiology and also UC Berkeley, Boston University and New York University.


2.Looking back at the years of studying at BSB, how would you to describe this experience?

During the time that I was at BSB, I strongly felt the excellent support given by my classmates and teachers.


3.How has studying at BSB helped you achieve academic success/ university acceptance/ personal development?

Academic Success - Without a doubt, I would not have been able to achieve the results that I have achieved if it wasn’t for the high expectations that my teachers have set and the effort they’ve spent. It’s clear that they want all of us to perform at our maximum capability. I appreciate how teachers at BSB devote lots of effort to addressing the individual weaknesses of each student, and this is evident in the extensive feedback they provide on our assignments.


4.Please give us 2 of your best memories from your time at BSB.

  • Online Learning - I was really impressed by how the school responded to the coronavirus outbreak. Although by logic, learning is more difficult without being in school, I now see how that may not be the case. Each week we are provided detailed instructions for each subject, including learning resources that provided more than enough. The acceptable amount of workload also meant that we could pursue additional learning with our own resources, or have some downtime to catch up on any favourite shows.
  • People - My classmates never shied away from helping me when I first got to BSB. There was nothing short of warmth and welcome. The feeling of being an “outsider” was quickly eliminated within the first few days that I joined BSB.


5.What do you think is special about BSB?

BSB is special in that students are expected to behave like adults. This is shown in a multitude of ways, such as the dressing policies and the transparent walls. BSB does a great job in making students both feel like an adult and act like an adult. Meanwhile, BSB never fails to encourage new perspectives and attempts. The lessons are interactive and discussions beyond the syllabus content are seen commonly.


6.What advice do you have for other students at school?

  • Teachers expect nothing but excellence from you, and you shall respond with the same mentality.
  • There’ll be times where you are bombarded with work and is bogged down because of it. During those times, think about all the fun you could have after going through this challenging period.
  • If you manage your time well throughout the entire course of the 2 year IB Diploma Programme, you would feel less stressful as most of us felt. If I was told this at the beginning of my first year in the IB, I would’ve have had less stress to cope with.


7. Any other comments?

Most of us have gone through a drastic shift in our lifestyle in the past few months. It was tough not being able to play your favourite sports, connect with nature, and see your dearest friends. Slowly, we’ve begun to see light at the end of the tunnel. I would like to thank everyone for abiding by the rules and playing our parts in saving the world.