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    我们为1-18岁 超过1100名学生提供国际教育。作为社区的中心,我们已经成为在京外国家庭的交流中心。

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Jacob KeunYoung Kim

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Congratulations to BSB Shunyi graduate Jacob Kim who has been accepted by the College of Liberal Studies at Seoul National University!

I applied for the College of Liberal Studies where I can take foundation courses in the Freshman year and then move onto a particular major of my own choice. I am still considering what to study when I have wider choices, but I think I will choose a major in the Department of Engineering, and one in the Humanity Department, like a combination of Mechanical Engineering and Business majors.

Thanks to the efforts of my BSB Teachers, I was able to adapt to the educational system of BSB with relative ease and was able to graduate with good grades.
I have studied at BSB for three years, from Year 11 to 13. When I first came to BSB, I had some difficulties catching up because of my English skills. My grades were low because the exams were mainly essays. However, the teachers at BSB, especially Mr. Mounter, our Business/Economics teacher, use their spare time to help me catch up with the lessons. Thanks to their effort, I was able to adapt to the educational system of BSB with relative ease and was able to graduate with good grades.

BSB always cares about the students
The school puts ina lot of efforts to provide a wide range of educational opportunities, as well as opportunities for students to do their own activities.

I especially remember Mr. Alles, our Mathematics teacher, who opened a new Further Math class even though only 3 students applied for the class. Thanks to him, my Further Math classmates and I were able to delve into the field of Mathematics in a deeper and wider sense, including Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Sets and Relations.

Also, I had always hope to provide help to my fellow classmates who are having trouble with their Math study and with the active support of the school, I was able to turn my idea into reality and opened an “After School Activities” (ASA) to help them. Indeed, a lot of my fellow students provided me with positive feedbacks about my initiative.

My best memories was when BSB achieved the Guinness World Records for “The Largest Mathematical Jigsaw Puzzle”
I met with 12 other student friends during lunch every Thursday to plan and promote this event.  We put in all our possible efforts to achieve our world record. Looking back, I don't think I would be able to solve the questions and puzzles for 24 hours straight all over again; it was that challenging, both physically and mentally! However, we were finally able to achieve this world record because we had the passion to realize our common goal and we rely on each other. The pride and sense of achievement at the time still remains as the best memory of my school life at BSB. Please click here for more information.

Studying IB Diploma at BSB has led to many changes in my life.
One of the purpose of IB Diploma was to form a well-rounded student by choosing subjects in 6 different groups. I used to show a lack in the Humanities field compared to my fellow students, which was caused by my preference towards Mathematics and Physics. However, I began to be able to see the world in a wider perspectives as I kept on studying Economics and Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

Along with the academic achievements, I was given the chance to achieve personal growth through Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS).
Among the many CAS activities, I had an opportunity to go and do volunteer work in Tanzania. I felt so proud of what I did because the people there became happier after I installed solar power light bulbs and built their houses with other volunteers. To be honest, I sometimes got upset at the hot weather there but the children living there were always smiling without any hint of tiredness, even in such a poor environment. That is when I realized that happiness is not something that can be decided by one's surroundings, but something that comes from enjoying each and every moment and being content. This was also where I learned the true meaning of volunteer work - It is not a one-sided charity, but a process of both the giver and the receiver growing together through mutual experiences.

BSB is always on your side and puts in much effort to help with your plans.
My advice to stuents is, first of all, try out everything you want to do. BSB is always on your side and puts in much effort to help with your plans. The opportunities are always open for you at BSB but it is up to you to create those opportunities. Try to actively involve yourself in a variety of activities, or be the organizer of those activities yourself.

Secondly, challenge yourself. A TOK teacher once told me that an IB student is a risk taker. As for me, I could have taken Economics as a Standard level (SL) as I had already chosen three Higher Level (HL) subjects, but I chose HL Economics because I wanted to overcome what I lacked academically by taking the challenge. Of course, it wasn't easy. Attending four HL courses was a big burden on me, but I invested a lot of time and effort. There had been some obstacles, but in the end, a teacher told me that I got the highest mark at the IB Economics final exam. Challenging oneself is surely a difficult path, but the fruit at the end of the journey is as sweet as the difficulty itself. I am planning to keep on with my challenges!