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31 August, 2018

BSB students gain Top IGCSE results again in 2018

And the following students who all obtained 5 or more A*/A grades:
BSB students gain Top IGCSE results again in 2018

Following the publication of our excellent IB Diploma results it is time to congratulate our Year 11 students on their recent IGCSE results; our high achieving students once again produced grades that would rival any school in the world.

2018 BSB IGCSE examinations in numbers

537 qualifications were taken by our BSB Shunyi students, of these:

  • 43% of all grades awarded were A*- A, again significantly above the UK average of 20% this year.
  • 86% of grades in all subjects were A* - C.
  • Grades A* - B accounted for over two thirds of grades awarded demonstrating a real depth of high performance across all subjects.
  • 89% of our students achieved the benchmark figure of 5 A* - C, this compares with 67% in the UK.
  • 100% Pass Rate, no examinations were ungraded

There were many standout performances by our students, most notably:

  • Jaiqi (Jessica) Feng: 1 A**, 8 A* and 1 A grades.
  • Joshua Warwick: 9 A* grades.
  • Zilin Cao: 8 A* and 2 A grades.
  • George Bourne: 7 A* and 3 A grades.
  • Charlize Su: 6 A* and 3 A grades.
  • Lisa Iwanaga: 3 A* and 4 A grades.
  • Sam Turner: 8 A* and 1 A grades.
  • Bertha Wong: 7 A* and 2 A grades.
  • Pei-Jung Hsieh: 1 A**, 5 A* and 1 A grades.
  • Paul Vittot: 5 A* and 4 A grades.
  • SeungWook Kim: 3 A* and 5 A grades.
  • Janick Bohm: 3 A* and 5 A grades.
  • Yearim Lee: 1 A**, 2 A* and 4 A grades.
  • EunJae Lee: 3 A* and 3 A grades.
  • Yiming Wei: 1 A**, 1 A* and 4 A grades.
  • Yuejia Hu: 2 A* and 3 A grades.
  • Valentina Kicker : 2 A* and 3 A grades.
  • Yu-Ting Zhan: 1 A* and 5 A grades.
  • Illiana Hins: 1 A* and 4 A grades.
  • Zanda Stapelberg: 1 A* and 4 A grades.
  • Anthony Zhang: 7 A grades.

We are very proud of all our student achievements, to give full credit we would have to list the whole year group. Our students’ success reflects their commitment to their studies; the high levels of support provided by parents and the personalised care and help, along with the highest standards in teaching and learning, which are delivered here at BSB.

Internationally-respected, the IGCSE examinations are the most academically challenging courses currently on offer to 14-16 year old students worldwide. The full two-year programme features a combination of coursework and written examinations that fully test our students’ abilities. Students will generally a complete a wide range of courses. Upon passing these courses they are awarded qualifications in a full range of core subjects including Languages, Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and Design and Mathematics.

Top universities around the world look to these qualifications as an extra benchmark of performance when considering applications. They are also regarded as the perfect foundation for the IB Diploma, which continues to grow here at BSB, with an average points score of 34 and 1 out of every 6 students scoring above 40 points, opening the doors to elite global university places.

Mr. Nikki Upsall

Assistant Head of Secondary, Curriculum and Operations

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