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18 April, 2019

DDC & IDEA MATH Summer Program 2019

DDC & IDEA MATH Summer Program 2019 DDC and IDEA MATH will hold IDEA MATH course from 15th July to 26th July (11 days excluding Sunday 21st July) at The British School of Beijing (BSB) Shunyi

DDC and IDEA MATH will hold IDEA MATH course from 15th July to 26th July  (11 days excluding Sunday 21st July) at The British School of Beijing (BSB) Shunyi

Children who are interested in mathematics need to be enlighten their talent in the best way! The DDC& American IDEA MATH program would be an excellent choice! DDC and IDEA MATH will hold IDEA MATH course in Beijing from 15th July to 26th July. Feng Zuming, the former head coach of the U.S. IMO, will come to Beijing to help you improve the art of mathematical problems solving.



IDEA MATH adopts the comprehensive and well-tested teaching materials, modeled after training material of the Philips Exeter Academy math team, one of the strongest teams in the U.S. Students will benefit for the rest of their lives by developing their leadership, learning, observation and thinking skills, and a positive attitude toward learning through IDEA MATH philosophy.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the study of mathematics is not linear. Rather, it is a network. Simple, but curious, facts are the nodes of this network. Studying mathematics is like building spirals around these nodes and making connections between the spirals. Mathematics is a field that demands not only flexibility with numbers, symbols, and geometric objects, but also the patience to be exposed to something which is completely new and different, eventually integrating it into an ever-widening but coherent body of knowledge. Curiosity is the real driver of mathematics, science, and technological explorations, however successes can be gained only by the repetitive, sometimes even torturous, processes of investigation, false starts, inspiration, and attention to detail.

Feng Zuming:

  • Former Head Coach of the U.S. IMO
  • Math Teacher of Philips Exeter Academy
  • Founder and Teaching Director of IDEA MATH



Course Content:

Pre-algebra (G4-6): Number theory, Real Numbers, Solving Equations, Proportions and Percentage, Exponents and Square Roots, Introduction to Graphing and Statistics, Triangles, Basic Counting& Probability;

Algebra +AMC8 (G6-7): Number line and Real number, Mixed algebra problems, Algebraic expression and operation, units and percentage, AMC8.

Advanced Algebra+ Geometry + AMC8-10 (G6-8): Linear systems and convex regions, Operations with Algebraic Expressions, Absolute Value Equations, Special Quadrilateral, Triangular Congruence, Trapezoid, Geometric Computations, AMC8-10.

In order to fulfill the potential of every student, DDC and IDEA MATH will cooperate to hold a Placement Test. We sincerely invite you and your child to take the Test. Feng Zuming, founder of IDEA MATH, former head coach of the U.S. IMO and general director of the MATH team at Phillips Exeter Academy, will introduce parents to the fascinating MATH courses and teaching methods of IDEA MATH. The detailed information is as follows:

Each test covers the preliminary knowledge that we expect students to have for the target curriculum. The first part is basic Knowledge, and the second part is more challenging.



School time 09:00-16:00


2019.7.15-2019.7.26 (11 Days except 7.21)




Algebra + AMC 8


Advanced algebra + geometry


  • "G" refers to Rising Grade Level
  • Accommodation is available at New Talent Academy (to be confirmed)
  • School bus service available


  • All courses are taught in English; students should have equipped with strong English academic ability;
  • Students who love thinking and learning have team spirit, exploring spirit and are able to adapt to the Group living environment;
  • Students who have strong mathematical ability need to take placement test before enrollment.

DDC 2019 Summer Talented Youth Program Charging Policy

Tuition & Fees

IDEA MATH Course: RMB22,600/ session(11days,Included accommodation)

IDEA MATH Placement Test USD 60 (RMB 420) per person



1. A 10 % early bird discount on the tuition for those who complete the registration and payment before Jan. 31st, 2019. 

2. RMB500 discount on the tuition/person for Three candidates and above who register together.

3. RMB1000 discount for DDC returning students



  • The above tuition includes course fee, lunch, break time snack and insurance, not including accomodation and school bus fee
  • Accommodation fee: RMB4000/two weeks/student; RMB 6000/3 weeks/student (From Sunday night to Thursday night only. In addition, residential students could also choose the separately charged stay for Weekends with scheduled activities). Accommodation at New Talent Academy (to be confirmed).
  • School bus fee: RMB1500/ 2 weeks/ student; RMB 2250/ 3 weeks/student (Not Applicable to Discount).
  • Discount 1 and 2 could not be used at the same time.


EL:400 888 0382



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