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21 April, 2019

2019 BEIMUN Model United Nations Conference

2019 BEIMUN Model United Nations Conference-2019-beimun-model-united-nations-conference-BEIMUN 3
2019 BEIMUN Model United Nations Conference

During the month of March, the 15 BSB students participated in the 26th Annual BEIMUN Model United Nations Conference held at the International School of Beijing. Students were engaged in a rigorous and relevant three-day global diplomatic conference which allowed them to debate and establish solutions regarding topics around the theme of “Security, Sovereignty, and Sustainability: Pre-emptive Measures in a Changing World”.  Students also were given the privilege of listening to speeches from various international government officials, including Mr. Terry Branstad, the United States Ambassador to China.

Mr. Cory Moss, Teacher of Humanities

Thank you to our 2 BSB students, Illiana and Seungwook for sharing their experiences with us below:


Seungwook Kim – Year 12 student

During the 26th annual BEIMUN Model United Nations conference, I was the Delegate of the United Kingdom to the First Human Rights Council and I represented her opinion regarding serious topics such as “protecting human rights while implementing counterterrorism measures in Europe”.

On the first day of the conference, our committee participated in lobbying and merging, where delegates representing different nations of the world came together to draft a resolution to be debated on. We also had the privilege to attend a speech by Mr. Terry Branstad, the United States Ambassador to China.

The 3-day debate in our committee led to 2 resolutions passing, 4 failing, including mine on “addressing human rights violations in political prisons of North Korea” with 10 votes for, 12 against and 6 abstaining.

Throughout the duration of the conference, I met many new friends with diverse sets of ideas and engaged in productive and civil discussion regarding issues not only prescribed to the committee, but also other topics regarding current affairs and politics. Overall, my experience in BEIMUN XXVI was enjoyable and memorable. 

Illiana Hins – Year 12 student

This was my second year participating in a BEIMUN conference and I had a truly wonderful experience. I participated as the Delegate of Myanmar in the Human Rights Council with students from various countries.

I engaged in many exciting debates and I was able to hear a variety of viewpoints throughout the three days. Each delegate was eager to debate on the resolutions that we created to provide solutions for the issues discussed in the Human Rights Council.

By the final day, we had debated on all the resolutions and we were able to come up with many effective solutions. I have learned many new things from this experience and I hope that my next conference will be as enjoyable as this year’s BEIMUN conference.

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