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19 November, 2020

Congratulations BSB Christmas Banner Design Winner!

Thank you to all the students below who submitted their design!
Congratulations BSB Christmas Banner Design Winner!

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Thank you for all the students who participated in the Christmas Banner Digital Design Competition! As Mr. Thornhill mentioned in his original invitation, the winning design will be made into a large BSB Christmas Banner displayed at the front of the school, wishing everyone in our community a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 

We received 11 designs in total from GK3 to Year 13 and 4 designs qualified for the Digital Design Requirements as listed (suitable for large size Height 450cm x Width 250cm, high resolution, fit into the Big Banner Template etc).

The Final 4 designs were posted on the school noticeboards and announced on our BSB Wechat for students, staff, parents and the BSB community to vote for their favourite design.

YeonSoo received the most votes (45%)! Her banner will be displayed in front of the school next week and will be awarded a special prize.

YeonSoo described her design idea: “I drew my design on an Apple iPad with an Apple pencil and the program Procreate. This allows me to use a variety of brushes and media that I would not ordinarily have access to in daily life. The image I chose is a Christmas tree, the central decoration in most homes at this festive time of year. The night sky fills the background, and a full moon draws attention to the star at the top of the tree. In the distance we see the silhouette of Santa's reindeer and sleigh. A fantasy image that reminds one of the wonder of Christmas."

We are always amazed at the talent and creativity of our students and can see that they have put in a lot of thought and effort in their design. Thank you!

GK3 PAUL Gerecke

GK3 Paul Gerecke

6 Annemarie

Y6 Annemarie Wenzel

6 Siwoo Ryu

Y6 Siwoo Ryu - My design has our earnest wish. We are having a difficult 2020 with COVID-19.  There are things we didn't value in the past. - LOVE, JOY, FAMILY, HEALTH, BELIEVE, MEMORIES. But I realized all this was so precious. Once again, I put a message in my mind to celebrate 2021. 

7 Elaine van der Chijs

Y7 Elaine van der Chijs - For my banner, I tried to incorporate Christmas Cheer together with our special 2020 experience. I made a scroll saying “Naughty List: COVID-19 and Nice List: All BSB students, teachers, staff and parents.” I also made Santa’s Gift Bag, which includes the gifts for everyone on the nice list this year - Happiness, Health and Christmas Cheer. I hope the holiday season will take away the virus and give back everybody the joyful life they deserve.

8C Deming Sun John

Y8 Deming Sun (John) - The design have shown the theme “Merry Christmas”. On the top left side is a stick man Santa Claus riding the slide with two reindeers and a bag of gift. On the top middle is a Christmas tree pops from a gift.  Under “Christmas” is a “2020”, the first zero have a shape of the coronavirus, the second one is a shape of a Christmas ring. At the bottom is eight gift in different color of wrapping papers.

8C Melissa Seokyoung Mo

Y8 SeoKyoung Mo (Melissa) 

9B Geerthanan Yoganaadan

Y9 Geerthanan Yoganaadan - This poster represents the festive spirit, the image of Santa clause happily carrying presents while he checks his time for Christmas eve, and chuckles his ever so iconic “Ho Ho Ho!” The bell represents a church bell above him which is a signal for time. The background is based on Christmas wrapping paper. This poster is supposed to bring an overall cheery atmosphere during the cold winter, bringing everyone into the festive spirit. As well as this, the character and images in the foreground are highlighted in gold to represent their value to the festivities and Christmas as a general religious holiday. The design was based off 90’s Pop-art which is influenced by a bright/vivid colour palette that was used on this poster and I used Copic markers to generate the vibrant saturation and hue.

10B Jessica Hyesol Lee

Y10 HyeSol Lee (Jessica) - My banner represents what I usually think of when hearing the word ‘Christmas.’ I tried to make it look as simple as possible, so that people, especially children, would be able to remember and recognise this banner easily. This banner is mostly consisted of warm toned colours, and the foreground, which shows the presents, is emphasized heavily. It also embodies a bright, cheerful atmosphere, reminding individuals to let down their worries during Christmas

12B Jayden  Bomin

Y12 Jayden & Bomin - This poster is for the celebration of Christmas. It is made up of a large ball and a white tree with various ornaments. The white tree symbolizes a white Christmas with a tree covered by snow. It is decorated in various colours and is wrapped in a long pink string in the middle. The ornaments represent the happiness and joy that children can feel at Christmas while decorating the tree themselves. The small round ornaments dropped under the tree mean gifts for children while decorating the tree even more. The large ball above the tree symbolizes the round moon, brightening and celebrating Merry Christmas. The phrase ‘ Merry Christmas BSB’ written on the ribbon is to celebrate BSB’s Merry Christmas and wish everyone a happy day. With the moon-like ball and surrounding stars, we hope that people will have a meaningful day where everyone can enjoy the splendor and beauty of Christmas like the brightening stars. Through the poster, BSB will be prettier and fully enjoy the Christmas day.

13B Madhushika Yoganaadan

Y13 Madhushika Yoganaadan - My design was inspired by the movie ‘Rise of the Guardians’, where iconic childhood figures i.e. Santa Claus, Tooth-fairy protect children’s hopes and dreams.  ‘It is our job to protect the children of the world. For as long as they believe in us, we will guard them with our lives.’  - Santa . They give priority to keeping the sense of hope alive within children, as most lose hope whilst growing up. This version of Santa Claus embodies his warrior like features which allow him to protect the sense of hope within children, though he is known to be a warm-hearted man who delivers presents on Christmas Eve, this design illustrates his overwhelmingly demanding characteristics. In the movie he is known as the ‘Guardian of Wonder’ which is something I hoped to convey. The reindeers are symbolism of strength, endurance, and safe travels- they can survive extreme environments during winter. Although Christmas is strongly associated with bright colours, I took my inspirations and implemented a colour scheme exhibiting a sense of power and hope. White is formed in the presence of all colours and black signifies power and strength. I hope to have turned the stereotypical idea of Santa into something new and powerful instead, giving people the sense of hope, highlighting his strongest personality trait as the ‘Guardian of Wonder’ in this world.