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06 December, 2020

Year 7 MIT Challenge “Living in Space”

Year 7 MIT Challenge “Living in Space”

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On 12th November, Year 7 students had a whole day to explore a challenge in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

As MIT researchers look towards a future of space homes and interplanetary travel, they aren’t only thinking of science experiments and exploration. They’re also thinking about quality of life and bringing comforts of home to outer space. Ariel Ekblaw is the founder of the Space Exploration Initiative at MIT and wants our students’ help!

Students were given the theme of ‘Into the Void – Living in Space’ and had to design an artefact that could be used by astronauts to improve the human experience away from Earth with the focus being on either Food, Sports and Exercise or Art.  

Students worked in groups to create a prototype for either Food, Sports and Exercise or Art and then created a video in which they shared the processes involved in developing their prototype. The videos with a description of each project has been uploaded to Global Campus to be viewed by the Nord Anglia community worldwide.

Please see 2 examples of the videos created by our Year 7 students:

Team 1 Sports and Exercises in Space

  • by Emma, Olivia, Miles, Rudy, Lina, Chris and Xiao You 
  • see attached PDF about our project

Team 2 Creating Art in Space

  • by Sarah, Michelle, Yuexin, Laia, Andy, Ray, James

Dr. Ariel Ekblaw, the lead scientist who designed this challenge will be viewing all students work and choosing a few projects which will feature in her final video to be released in early 2021.

Shahida Kandhai

Science & Biology Teacher

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