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07 December, 2020

There’s No Way You Can Stop the SCHOOL OF ROCK!

There’s No Way You Can Stop the SCHOOL OF ROCK!

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The school musical is something everyone looks forward to every year – staff, students, and parents have all been asking since last year if we would be able to do a show, and due to the current situation, it did not look promising. However, the possibility suddenly opened up, and I was able to move quickly and surprise our actors and musicians with the good news the last week in October, and rehearsals began immediately. We have many restrictions in place this year, such as the number of students, but they don’t mind at all – it has been amazing to witness everyone’s delight and dedication. Students immediately shifted their schedules to be able to participate – it is wonderful to see how much they love performing!

“SCHOOL OF ROCK” is such a fantastic show and perfect for this year! The story is entertaining, the characters are hilarious, and the music is sensational! With each production, we challenge our students in different ways, and this time we will have students playing instruments live on stage which means they have two roles simultaneously – musician and actor. Rehearsals are quite intense as much energy is required to keep up with the rock band atmosphere, but everyone is happy to be spending Saturdays together again. And the band accompanying the show is having great fun playing loud rock music!

We are very happy that we were able to have a show this year as we have 4 Year 13 students who really enjoy participating in the productions and wanted to do it in their final year at BSB. David and Julienne have done 6 Secondary productions here, and Sebastian and Senate have participated the last few years. Please see their comments below about why they are a part of this show during such a busy academic year. All are such talented actors, great role models for the younger students, and wonderful people to work with both on stage and off.

  • Senate Letlatsa: “It is so interesting to figure out how to bring life to a character that is so different from me. And to make the audience smile – it is the best feeling!”
  • Sebastian van der Merwe: “I really enjoy acting, and it is really important to be well-rounded and pursue your other interests at school. Otherwise, it’s only academics.”
  • David Chen: “I love playing instruments and am really looking forward to playing the guitar on stage while acting. It’s a challenge already in rehearsals, trying to balance both tasks.”
  • Julienne Simbajon: “Something about the stage feels like home. I was quite introverted off stage and one thing that performing has allowed me to do is to express myself and my passion in ways that bring out my confidence. Somehow, after years of performing, that confidence has translated into my reality and I couldn’t be happier.”

Here are some behind the scenes photos of “SCHOOL OF ROCK”!

Haley Clark

Director of Performing Arts