Richard Thornhill
18 May, 2021

Principal’s Update – 18 May, 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope this message finds you and your families well.

Jayne Needham joined Parent Meeting

I would like to thank everyone who joined our usual Friday meeting last week when we were joined by Jayne Needham our new Principal.  Jayne said a few words by way of introduction during the meeting, of course it would have been better if she had been able to visit in person but this was the next best thing. If you have any specific questions or comments you would like to make please send me an email and I will ensure Jayne receives your messages.

Summer Programmes

Mr Hartland has sent out the first communication on 17th May concerning the proposed Summer Programmes for EYFS and Years 1 to 9, and I hope that parents will respond so that we can gauge interest and put the final touches to the programme. We have tried to offer a variety of options which are of benefit in themselves but also interesting and fun to do. These programmes are available to all students who have paid their full fees and are up to date with their account. We have had a couple of enquiries concerning buses. All bus fees have or are being refunded to parents for any time of on-line learning so we are able to provide a bus service but bearing in mind that the school has refunded this money already there will be a charge associated with this service.


Travel Overseas

At each of our Friday meetings we have discussed travel and quarantine arrangements. Last week was no different. Over the course of the week we received further information concerning overseas travel. We were given a list of 13 countries which if travelled to will most likely invalidate the residence permit and a new visa will have to be applied for. This is a tiresome and long winded process with no promise of success, particularly for dependents so we would advise strongly against travel to the following destinations:

UK, Canada, Belgium, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa.

I would also like to confirm the 28 day quarantine period operating in Beijing prior to a return to the school campus. The result of this and the uncertainty of travel and the visa application process we are strongly recommending that travel outside China is avoided. 

Travel within China

Travel within China is much easier but do be aware of the status of your destination. There are still sporadic out breaks in China and you will recall we had to send out another Contact Tracing survey regarding Covid cases in Anhui and Liaoning Province on the weekend. Do please check your destination prior to travel to avoid any risk of lengthy quarantine if you have the misfortune to get caught out by being listed as a close contact.

Our Ice Hockey Team won!

I spent a very exciting Sunday morning watching our Ice Hockey Team play. To form a strong team, we have joined forces with BIBA school and this allows our students to compete in the local Ice Hockey tournaments. As individual schools neither has enough players to make a competitive team but together we can field a strong outfit.

On Sunday, our team recorded a resounding 4 – 1 victory. It was a tight match but as the contest wore on, BSB/BIBA team gained the ascendency and scored three times to ensure a good win. Our team showed great skill and resolve in holding the opposition initially and then dominating the match late on to gain a well deserved win!



Our exams programme is well underway with the IBDP programme finishing in about a week or so’s time. Our IGCSE exams will continue after this and will finish in early June. Also, of course, our Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9) will be sitting their end of year assessments so this is an important time for them and I hope they too are working hard and making sure they achieve the very best grades they can to set them up well for the new academic year.


Primary Ambitious Week Trips 

Our primary school trips are well underway and the weather has been kind for these. The children are all very excited about their visits. This year is obviously different to previous ones and we would be very interested to hear your feedback on how your children enjoyed them. We always carry out a review at the end of each programme so if you have any comments you would like to make please do drop the appropriate head of school an email and this can then be included in our post trip debrief and evaluation. 



The school's Yearbook is available now to order and I hope many of you will get a copy as a reminder of this year. The year has presented many challenges but ultimately we are overcoming these. We are not out of the woods yet but we are getting there. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all our families for their understanding and support. I can assure you that this is fully appreciated by all here at school……Thank you.

Please do not forget the last few Friday meetings of the year and I hope as many of you as is possible will join us.

Best regards,

Richard Thornhill


Parent Online Meetings  

Friday 21st May 4pm

Friday 28th May

  • cancelled due to Y13 Graduation

Fridays 4th June, 11th June, 18th June 4pm

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