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05 November, 2021

Year 7 MIT STEAM Challenge – Tropical Cyclones

Year 7 MIT STEAM Challenge – Tropical Cyclones

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BSB Year 7 students has an exciting day exploring an Extreme Weather Challenge in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Through our new approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) together with MIT, BSB encourages our students to develop skills such as flexibility, creativity, communication, experimentation and teaches them how to apply to real-world situations.

MIT Extreme Weather Challenge 1: Tropical Cyclones with Dr. Kerry Emanuel

NAE MIT Extreme weather tropical cyclones poster

Dr. Kerry Emanuel is a Professor of Atmospheric Science in MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences - he's also one of the world's leading experts on extreme weather.

In this challenge, Dr. Emanuel is asking our BSB students to present ideas on how to communicate with the public when using uncertain forecasting data. Tropical Cyclones can have disastrous consequences for affected areas and communities. If enough accurate information about potential cyclones can be shared in time, people and organisations can make appropriate decisions on how to prepare effectively.


Our students spend the day working as Project Leaders, Technical Support Specialists, Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, Writers for Disaster Plan Management and Extreme Weather Breaking News Reporters - all these different roles enabled students to successfully complete the MIT Challenge.

The day ended with students giving their final PowerPoint, Poster and Video presentations. Students presented their weather instruments and explained how the instruments worked and what data can be collected by using the weather instrument. All students said they thoroughly enjoyed the day as they learnt about Tropical Cyclones and Hurricanes whilst having fun and they wish for everyday to be “STEAM DAY”.

Please watch this video for some highlights!

Y7 Steam Day

Our students will upload their presentation videos on Global Campus MIT Extreme Weather Challenge to be available for viewing by Dr. Kerry Emanuel and his team and the Nord Anglia community worldwide.

Please login with your Global Campus Username and password. Your username is your BSB student email address. If you need help, click “Forgot your username or password” on that page.

Shahida Kandhai

Biology Teacher, Secondary School STEAM Coordinator

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