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24 February, 2022

Our Dedicated Young Musicians – 3 Years in a Row!

Our Dedicated Young Musicians – 3 Years in a Row!

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BSB Shunyi recently participated once again in the annual NAE Virtual Young Musician of the Year competition on Global Campus. 

While we are proud of every child that participated, we really want to highlight the 11 students who have entered the competition for the third year in a row - 2020, 2021 and 2022. They have shown such commitment to music for years and continue to amaze us. We presented these 11 students with special certificates for their years of dedication to music.

Let’s hear a bit about each of their journeys.

Mary Zhao Y4

The youngest age you can participate is in Year 2, and Mary jumped right in back in 2020. Already at this young age, her performances are professional and impressive. She won 2nd place globally last year in popular voice.

Emma Feng Y5

Emma has brilliant technique on the piano and what I enjoy the most is her choice in repertoire. Many pianists play the same pieces, but Emma’s performances are always unique. She received an Honourable Mention globally last year in piano.

Albert Zhang Y5

Albert has participated since Year 3 and shared his amazing talent on the violin with everyone, also playing a good range of repertoire. He received an Honourable Mention globally last year in bowed strings.

Bovin Kim Y5

Bovin has such a sweet personality, and this has been showcased in all of her performances. She chose to perform “You Are My Sunshine” this year, which is definitely interesting for the piano category.

Action Han Y6

Action has excellent technique on the piano – you can see his fingers fly across the keys! He loves to play the piano and is very happy to share his videos with the NAE global community.

Jeina Anada Y6

Jeina is so passionate about both music and drama. In 2020, she entered both the music and drama categories and received an Honourable Mention for her vocal performance. This year she really gave it her all in the musical theatre category.

Christopher Kicker Y6

Christopher also entered both the music and drama categories that first year. He sings beautifully and his performances are incredibly entertaining – he definitely was the only one who performed outside in the snow this year!

Elaine van der Chijs Y8

Elaine also entered the music and drama categories in 2020 and won the monologue competition! She always shows her wide range of talents, from acting to singing to piano. She has matured into a very soulful and skilled performer.

Annali Zhao Y8

Annali has worked very hard over the years to improve her piano skills, and her determination is so admirable. She chooses pieces every year that challenge her and bring out the best in her beautiful piano playing.

Arihant Bhattacharjee Y9

Arihant entered the most categories this year and even included an original composition using music technology. He is a very talented singer, guitarist and now songwriter and is always happy to perform for others.

Ayisa Yao Y9

Ayisa holds the school record for entering the most categories at once in 2020 – piano, violin, voice and dance. She can do anything she puts her mind to and does it with a smile. Ayisa is a gifted musician and performer and is always a thrill to watch.

What brings me joy is that these wonderful students will continue to practice and show enthusiasm for music. The future is in good hands!

Haley Clark

Director of Performing Arts