Jayne Needham
05 August, 2022

Principal's Update 5 August 2022 - Return to School

Note: The information below has changed. Please click to see the latest requirements in Principal's Update - 19 August, 2022

Dear parents

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer. Since we have not yet received notice about the detailed requirements for the new academic year, I write to remind you of the requirements we were working with before the break: 

Students who travel within China are required to return to Beijing 14 days ahead of their first day back to school. We therefore suggest that families return to Beijing on or before 18th August. Families would also be requested to provide school with their travel information and a WeCom survey will be sent in due course to gather this information. 

Students who travel overseas during the holidays, or who are arriving to China for the first time, must be in Beijing for 7 days, after their period of centralised hotel quarantine, before they can start school on campus.

To return to school all children will need to provide
    o a negative test result taken in Beijing within 72 hours of their first day on campus – in the case of Early Years children, parents can opt to have the test instead of their child
    o their green arrow travel code
    o their Beijing health kit

Students and staff are asked to monitor their health for 14 days before returning to school and keep records. We will prepare a WeCom survey for the collection of health declarations ahead of our return to school.

We will contact families again nearer the return to school date of 1st September to confirm arrangements and sooner should we hear of changes to the requirements.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne Needham