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16 August, 2022

BSB Alumni Jenny - Updates from Cambridge!

BSB Alumni Jenny - Updates from Cambridge!  - BSB Alumni Jenny Updates from Cambridge


Graduates of BSB have an excellent track record of being accepted in outstanding universities around the world.

Let’s hear from BSB alumni Jenny Hwang who graduated from Cambridge and then Oxford, on how BSB has helped her achieved academic success and gained admissions to her best fit university!

University Life

Jenny graduated from the University of Cambridge Sidney Sussex College with a BA in Economics in 2021. She then completed her Masters in Financial Economics at University of Oxford in July 2022. 

She is excited to start her career working at an investment bank in London. 

Internship Experience

I have completed internship with a couple of firms both in investment banking  including Credit Suisse and in consultancy. For one of my internship experience, I worked for JP Morgan as their Investment Banking Summer Analyst. I was supposed to be working in Hong Kong but due to the pandemic, my internship programme turned virtual. My work involved building liquidity model for petrochemical firms in Korea and creating a dataset for Asian life insurance companies. The tasks given were definitely challenging; I have never come across some of the models that I had to construct. But overall, I was really grateful for the learning opportunity I was provided with.

Please see 2 photos of me participating in Cambridge’s College Boat Club!

4 Cambridge Jenny with College Boat Club 2

3 Cambridge Jenny with College Boat Club

My Years at BSB Shunyi

Jenny Hwang studied at BSB for 5 years and graduated in 2017 with an amazing IB point score of 43 (out of a maximum of 45). She also achieved 8A* and 4A grades for her IGCSE examinations. 

When I first joined BSB, I was initially very shy but with BSB’s friendly and supportive community, I was able to fit in fairly quickly, gradually changing my personality. Eventually through the years at BSB, I was able to become who I am today.

Looking back, I would say I was greatly honoured to be a part of the BSB community. To me, BSB really was the "Best School in Beijing". I think that the most special thing about our school is the tightly-knit community. This is true because everyone pretty much knows each other, to the extent where the school Principal knows each and every individual! With such atmosphere, I felt that I was cared for and loved.

BEIMUN group 2017

What is special about BSB?

I would say it is the supportive environment. BSB definitely allows and supports students to carry out their own projects and build up their own studies. For me I have always wanted to host a Mode United Nations (MUN) conference in our school and with the warm support of the school staff and management team, I was able to organise the first BRITMUN conference in 2017. 

5 Jenny at MUN

I was also the Vice-Chair of the BSB Charity Committee , an active member of the World Scholar’s Cup BSB Team, the President of the Human Rights Council at BEIMUN XXIII and the President of the Environment Commission at BEIMUN XXIV

6 Jenny at World Scholars Cup

 Please see my reflection in "Remembering Model United Nations (MUN)".



Best memories at BSB

Perhaps one of the best memory was the residential trips we went. From local cities in China to foreign countries like Tanzania and Vietnam, I was able to learn things I could not in textbooks. The most unforgettable experience was definitely the one in Tanzania where I actually built school buildings and goat sheds for under-privileged families and got to teach the local children. I think it was the first experience where I really felt like I could do something to change the lives of others.

7 Jenny at Tanzania

Well done Jenny, you have made us all very proud!


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