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19 October, 2023

Primary and Secondary Parent Representatives Opportunities

Primary and Secondary Parent Representatives Opportunities - Primary and Secondary Parent Representatives Opportunities

Primary Classroom Parent Representatives Opportunity

Secondary Parent Year Group Representative Opportunity

As we continue to build and improve our Parents' and Teachers' Association (PTA), we are seeking to create an official Primary Classroom Parent per class and Secondary Year Group Parent per year group position.

Our hope is that by having Parent Representatives for each classroom and year group, we can make information pertaining to your child and to you more accessible and continue in our initiative to support the BSB’s mission of belonging.

If you are interested in this position, please read the following. 


Duties for the Classroom and Year Group Parent Representative Include

The PTA will help the Parent Representatives create a WeChat group for their classroom or year group.  Parents with students in the class may join the group.

Each Parent Representative will be an administrator for the new WeChat group.  This will be the official group that we will ask parents to refer to, to gather official information about upcoming class, school or PTA events.

Parent Representatives will only pass information already shared on Seesaw, emailed information that pertains to your class or information that the classroom teacher or the PTA asks to be administered. For example, reminders about school events, reminders about materials that need to be brought into the class, PTA event reminders and volunteer opportunities for parents.

When a new student joins the class, the parent representative should reach out to the family to welcome them to the class and help them to join the Wechat group allowing them access to up-to-date group and school activities.

Parent Representative will be strongly encouraged to attend the open PTA meeting once a month to hear about upcoming events and to discuss how we as parents can gather together to support the school and our children. Our first Open PTA meeting, which will include any parent that would like to learn more about what activities and events the PTA is working on right now along with the Parent Classroom Representatives may attend the meeting.  Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 25.


Duties Do Not Include

Parent Representatives should not gather concerns from parents to present to the teacher. If presented with a concern the Parent Representative will have a formal contact sheet from the school that will help to direct the parent to the correct person within the administration to contact.  

Parent Representatives are a way to help with communication with the parents, therefore all information that is presented by the Parent Representative should be from the teacher, PTA or administration. 

If you are interested in being the Parent Classroom Representative or Year Group Representative, please email the PTA at

Email Subject: Parent Representative

Name- Year Group- Child’s name


The first person to send request for the position will be granted the position. 

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you at the next PTA meeting on Wednesday 25th October at 10am!

Best regards,

The PTA Team