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25 October, 2023

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 2

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 2 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 2

The Young Journalists Club is made up of students from Years 5 and 6. Our aim is to report on events and points of interest within the school community.

Please click here to see The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 1 on why we chose Young Journalist Club as our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

In this issue:

1. Interview with Ms. Gallagher

2. More about Eco-Committee


The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 2 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 2

1. Interview with Ms. Gallagher

On Wednesday 27th September, we Interviewed an EYFS teacher - Shannon Gallagher, Head of Reception and we asked her some questions about her role.

First of all we asked Mrs. Gallagher how many years she has been teaching at BSB. She replied that she has been here for two years. Next, we asked which subject she liked teaching the most? She replied that it was Phonics. Before teaching at BSB she learned languages like Chinese and French. When we asked her which year group she liked teaching, she immediately responded that it had to be Reception because the children still get to play, and we call it continued provision so we have different areas of learning with fun activities and the children don’t even realise they are learning.

As we are Journalists we wondered if she was inspired by anyone.

“Yes”, she replied with a little smile. “My old teachers from my primary school”. Next up we asked if she remembered anything about school when she was the age of her students. She said that she remembered a little from when she was four but probably not too much as she was lost in her memories.

Afterwards we questioned her about what home town she was from. She replied Killy Begs in Ireland. After a while, we asked for if any of her siblings are teachers; none of them are even though she has five siblings. Eventually, we asked her if she has any hobbies and she responded that she likes playing football. Finally, we questioned if she ever played football against her students and she replied that she hadn’t although would like to.

Update from Young Journalists Avani, Alexandra, Evren

 The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 2 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 2

2. More about Eco-Committee

Jin and James met with Eunchae from the Eco-Committee to ask some pressing questions:

Q1 :Why do you want to be on the Eco-committee?

 Eunchae: I love nature because when I was young I planted some plants and that made me to be an Eco-Committee member.


Q2:What Jobs Do you do in the Eco-Committee?

Eunchae: We do lot of kinds of Jobs in Eco-Committee for eg. Food Waste Competition


Q3:Why is the Eco-Committee important?

Eunchae: Because Eco-Committee helps nature and people in need.


Q4:What is the best part of being in Eco-Committee?

Eunchae: I think the Bird Feeding is the best part of being an Eco-Committee member.

Update from Young Journalists Jin and James


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