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20 November, 2023

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 4

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 4 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 4

The Young Journalists Club is made up of students from Years 5 and 6. Our aim is to report on events and points of interest within the school community.

Please click here to see The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 1 on why we chose Young Journalist Club as our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).


BSB’s iPad opinions

We are members of the Young Journalist Club and thought it would be interesting to survey some students/teachers about their opinions on iPads. For example, we asked Eujin from Y5 if she prefers writing on paper or typing on iPads. She replied that she preferred to write on paper because people can show our personalities and improve their handwriting .

Faith, Meylynn and Emma (also from Y5) thought that having more free time on iPads would be better, while Emily and Erin found it better to not have so much free time on the iPads. We even got some surveys from Y6. We asked Ayse and Terrence if they wanted larger iPads. They said that they would have liked larger iPads because it is healthier for our eyes.

Surprisingly, we got to survey some teachers. We surveyed Ms. Sally (a TA) from Y5 to see if she preferred students writing on paper or typing on iPads. She said that she would prefer students to type on iPads. On the other hand, Mr. Knight (a teacher from Y6) preferred his students to write on paper. Ms. Holmes stated that she preferred a balance between use of devices and plenty of active learning.

We have surveyed many people from BSB, some preferred doing things on iPads and some preferred doing things on paper. Overall, the people in this school prefer doing things on iPads.

By Wenke, Jihyo and Tashvi