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06 November, 2023

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3

The Young Journalists Club is made up of students from Years 5 and 6. Our aim is to report on events and points of interest within the school community.

Please click here to see The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 1 on why we chose Young Journalist Club as our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

In this issue:

1. Adam's Interview with Mr. Knight

2. Cartoon Strip by Jin and Chihiro

3. Interview with Mr. Sear, Head of Year 1


1. Adam's Interview with Mr. Knight

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3

Mr. Knight, the teacher of 6B, was interviewed by Adam and Evren from the Young Journalists Club. They met him in a busy corridor with students rushing by trying to get to their lockers as fast as possible.

 “What a bad time for an interview,” Adam whispered low enough for just Evren to hear. “Why did we not just do this at break or lunch?”

“It is what it is,” Evren smiled thinly as he had second thoughts of doing it during the morning time.

“Okay - let’s start,” Evren said to Mr. Knight, eager to get back to his morning catch-up time.

“What is your favourite subject?”

“Well, personally I would say that my favorite subject is science because I am a big fan,” Mr. Knight replied with his arms crossed, clearly thinking his class of crazy students would be up to no good.

“What did you do before you were a teacher?” Evren asked with a smile playing across his face.

“I was a scientist - quite an interesting if you ask me” Mr. Knight answered back.

“How many years have you worked at BSB?” Adam asked, moving out of the way of the occasional student.

“Well, this is my fourth year in BSB,” replied Mr. Knight wearily hoping that this interview should be over soon.

“What do you think are important aspects to be a teacher?” continued Adam.

“I think to be a teacher you need to be calm, patient, understanding and have a lot of emotional intelligence,” Mr. Knight said.

“What do you think makes a good lesson?” Evren asked Mr. Knight curiously.

“For me, the lesson needs to be naturally motivating and also be a bit challenging,” Mr. Knight said as he began to move away.

“We’ll be off now - thank you for your time.” Adam said.

By Adam


2. Cartoon Strip by Jin and Chihiro

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3


3. Interview with Mr. Sear, Head of Year 1

The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3 - The BSB Journal 2023-2024 Issue 3

On Thursday 26th October , we Interviewed the Head of Year One Kieran Sear, and we asked him a couple questions.

First of all we ask Mr. Sear why he became a teacher and we wondered if someone inspired him. He replied, I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was four to five years old. He have wanted to do this job since he could remember it’s the only thing he wanted to do.

Afterwards we asked how long has he been teaching? He responded I have been teaching since 2007.

Then we asked if he taught multiple year groups over his years of teaching. He immediately responded when I first started teaching. I taught PE and he taught nursery to year thirteen. Then he responded happily ” I enjoy teaching year one to year two and I still like teaching these year groups till this very moment.”

As we are Journalists we wondered if any of his family members were teachers.Yes my Aunt used to teach but she retired now, he replied with a little smile on his face.

Next up we asked where he came from, he said he’s from the UK.

Afterwards we questioned him if he remembered anything from when he was a student. He responded yes, I remember when I was younger in school and I liked using my left hand but my teacher insisted to use my right hand so I found it really difficult in handwriting. It is quite a negative memory. That is why I like this year group to make it positive and support the children but also have them love school.

After a while we asked what was his favourite teacher when he was in school. My favourite teacher was called Mrs Park, she was my year five teacher. The reason I like her was because, before I went to year five everyone would say that she was very scary and nobody wanted to go to her class but if you were in her class she really cared. She made you do your work but the thing I liked about it was that she made it so you wanted to do the work it was almost like if I didn’t do it I would regret it then want to do the work as the way she taught made you really enjoy learning.

Eventually we ask him what was his favourite lesson to teach. He responded my favourite lessons to teach is maths as I think a lot of people are scared of math because they think it is something very difficult but actually all the process and things we do are quite similar even from Year One to Year Six. All we do is move it to the next step just like a process so especially when doing things in year one my job is to get them ready to learn numbers. How to use numbers it’s just like a puzzle it’s fun and its interesting so that’s why I like math.

Finally we questioned him what is his least favourite lesson to teach and why, he replied sometimes my least favourite is science because we don’t have enough time to do science to do some really good investigations we may need hours and hours. For example plants we can’t wait for the plant to grow sometimes it can be difficult, sometimes it can be a challenge to let children come to their science lesson and  bring it back and some plants will grow a little and the others tall. It can be very frustrating so science can be a challenge.

By Avani, Alexandra