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22 January, 2018

IB CAS Myanmar Project 2017 – a rewarding experience

IB CAS Myanmar Project 2017 – a rewarding experience
IB CAS Myanmar Project 2017 – a rewarding experience

I have pleasure in reporting back on another, very successful expedition to Myanmar which took place between 16th to the 23rd December 2017. This was quite an extraordinary and very rewarding experience for our Year 12 student team whose efforts in their charity raising endeavours over the autumn term were realised through the sheer appreciation and gratitude we received from the children, teachers and monks of both the monastic and government schools we worked closely with during our time in Myanmar.

This year’s team were as follows: 

  • Kelvin Tong
  • De Xuan (Desean) Chong
  • Minkyeong Kim
  • Yunseo (Arch) Kim
  • WoolChul Shin
  • Jehun Jang
  • ByeongKwon Kim
  • Taeback Noh

We arrived in Bagan, Myanmar on the morning of Saturday 16th December where we met our highly esteemed guide, Ei Ei. The team and I were transported to the hotel and given a brief introduction and plan for the week. The student team accomplished some amazing things in their pursuit of helping the children of Myanmar and I have, yet again, been privileged to have witnessed such a ground-breaking and very worthwhile trip once again.

On our first visit to a government controlled school, which was two-and-a-half-hours drive away over rough terrain, our Year 12 team donated sports equipment from the money they had raised through charity. This was a very touching and extremely rewarding moment to start the week off.

Our second visit to a Monastic School was a much larger project. It was located in the town of Pokkuku, a two-hours drive away from our base in Bagan. The project lasted for approximately four days but the students were all highly committed to helping the Myanmar children in improving their educational outlook and future prospects. The task was to donate books and build a library from scratch. The result was a tremendous success and the students, teachers and the monks were thankful beyond words. We christened the library: ‘THE BRITISH SCHOOL OF BEIJING LIBRARY’ which was quite simply a privilege and honour to our Year 12 students and I.

A very important mention must go to our good friend Ei Ei Nwe who initiated the very special links with the two schools we worked with on this particular occasion. She has always been totally supportive of this student inspired project and of whom no part of this marvellous accomplishment would have left the ground successfully.

This project started in December 2015 and has continued every year since then. Ei Ei is currently registered as a local tour guide from Bagan, Myanmar and came into contact with the parents of our first set of year 12 students who travelled there one year. It was through her important links with the local community and government, the Myanmar project was born and has continued to grow every year since then.

Update from: Mr Paul Readdy, Teacher of Secondary Mathematics

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