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25 March, 2022

The Weekly BSB – Issue 8

The Weekly BSB – Issue 8 The Weekly BSB1366 X 500

"The Weekly BSB" is a weekly newspaper presented by our Young Journalist Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) which is made up of students in Years 5 and 6. Students report on events and what's going on around school, conduct interviews and take their own pictures. Click “Read more” at the bottom to visit “The Weekly BSB” webpage to see previous issues!

In this issue

  1. ISAC-tly The Right Amount of Teamwork in Recent Handball Tournament!
  2. 3JS’s Class Assembly – I WANT MY MUMMY!
  3. GK1’s Class Assembly – Spring is Springing!
  4. GK4’s Class Assembly – Eddie’s Global Journey!
  5. Staff Interview – Mr. Robert Warman
ISAC-tly The Right Amount of Teamwork in Recent Handball Tournament!

On Saturday 5th March, 9 girls and 9 boys from BSB Shunyi played some amazing games in the ISAC U10 Handball Tournament held at the Keystone Academy School.

There were some extremely exciting games and all BSB students who took part enjoyed being able to compete against other schools. It was very nice because the last ISAC game at BSB was cancelled due to COVID-19-related issues. It was a long time since students played sports against other schools so they were very excited!

4 schools where playing against each other and representing their school including: BSB, ISB, WAB and Keystone. Everybody played at least 6 games, with everyone showing extremely high sportsmanship.

All BSB students tried their best and had fun, with the girls achieving First place and the boys Second!

When the Young Journalists asked Mr. Hayward if he thought the BSB girls were going to win, he said, “I was hopeful but you never know what is going to happen on the day!” He also commented that his favourite part of the day was watching all the amazing teamwork and shooting skills from BSB.

Ms. Wykes, who also attended, claimed that her favourite part of the day was watching the amazing shooting skills and how proud she felt when she watched the girls holding the trophy cup.

The ISAC U10 Handballfinal results were as follows:


1st – BSB

2nd – WAB

3rd – ISB

4th – Keystone


1st – Keystone

2nd – BSB

3rd – WAB

4th – ISB

Well done to all students who competed and we hope that it won’t be long before there can be another inter-school sports competition!

By Sean, Sophie, Vera and Lena.

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Hayward)

3JS’s Class Assembly – I WANT MY MUMMY!

On Friday 18th of March, 3JS performed a show about what they have been learning about Ancient Egypt. Children performed as though they were in ancient times, using symbols to represent words (hieroglyphs). They also told us about gross mummification steps and how ancient Egyptians kept bodies fresh and mouldy! We also learned that it took over three years to build a single pyramid! They then sang a wonderful song called ‘I WANT MY MUMMY!’

  • When the Young Journalists asked Ms. Nita whether the students were cooperative throughout the week, she answered that most of them are.
  • When asked what she loved about the play or enjoyed doing, she responded, “I like that the kids had fun and they wrote the script together. They also chose the song together.”
  • We also asked if the assembly encouraged the students to be more confident, to which she replied, “Yes, definitely.”
  • When the students were asked if it was hard to memorize your line and act in front of many people, they responded that it was hard to memorize at first but when they got used to practising, it was fine. They also mentioned that creating the props for the assembly was a highlight.
  • Finally, when 3JS students were asked whether the singing and dancing together was difficult, they said, “Not really. It was hard but still it was very fun!”

With only one week to create the props, learn their lines and rehearse the song, it was clear how much effort they have put in to their assembly. The costumes were colourful and creative and we enjoyed it so much and we rate the assembly a 10 out of 10. The young journalists are very excited and cannot wait for the next Year 3 assembly in Term 3.

By Amy, Queena, XiYi and Xuan

(Photo courtesy of Marketing Department)

GK1’s Class Assembly – Spring is Springing!

On Friday 18th March, GK1 performed their class assembly about Spring and flowers. They demonstrated what they had been learning about Spring and what flowers grow during the season.

The songs they were singing was perfect; we really enjoy the beautiful rhythm of the songs too. One of the songs was even named “I love the flowers”! When the songs came, the stage went dark, the clothes the kids were wearing was fluorescent glowing sticks, because they wanted to make the show as interesting as possible. The children also mentioned that singing the songs was their favourite part of the assembly.

We asked some questions to three of the students in Ms Kicker’s class. When we asked whether the students enjoyed creating the assembly, they gave a resounding, “YES!!!”.

Mrs Kicker commented that she enjoyed the assembly so much that she watched it over ten times, showed it to all her family members and even shared it with her family members in Austria!

It was lovely to see the GK1 students enjoying their assembly so much. Thank you for letting the Young Journalists come and watch!

By Aditi, Emily, Tiffany and Ryan

(Photo courtesy of Marketing Department)

GK4’s Class Assembly – Eddie’s Global Journey!

On Friday 18th March, GK4 performed an assembly about Climate Change because they wanted to inform Year 5 and Year 6 that it’s important to protect our planet earth. The assembly was about a penguin, Eddie, who wanted to stop Global Warming, looking at the effects different countries have on it.

When the young journalists asked one of the students who participated in the assembly, Paul, what his favourite part of the assembly was, Paul answered, “It’s the part when we dress up as a car. We loved making them!” Another student from GK4, Mia, said, ”I really like the song walk to school.”

As well as the students in GK4, the Young Journalists also asked Ms Gasser questions. When the young journalists asked Ms Gasser why she chose a topic based on fighting climate change, Ms Gasser answered, ”Well, we have a lot of reasons! First, we are learning climate change in our Topic lessons and my class, myself and Ms Christina all believe that we need to stop and fight climate change.” She also said, “I was very excited because the original show was supposed to be performed in January and it rescheduled to this week March 18th instead. The children have waited very long to perform this!”

The young journalists really enjoyed the assembly. Now we are looking forward to the next Year 5 class assembly in Term 3!

By Suri, Anni, Selena and Milan

(Photo courtesy of Mrs. Warman)

Staff Interview – Mr. Robert Warman

On Monday 21st March at BSB Shunyi, the Young Journalists interviewed Mr Robert Warman, the Admissions Manager of the Marketing Department in order to interview a member of staff from a different area of the school! Here is what we found out:

  1. How long have you been at BSB? – Since September 2021.
  2. Where did you work before? – I worked for another company doing Marketing.
  3. What is Marketing? – Marketing is the ability to show a product or service (or a school in this case) to the outside world to show everyone how great it is!
  4. Why did you choose to work in the Marketing Department? – I’m quite creative and love showing all the great things happening in an organisation. I particularly enjoy doing this in a school because there’s always such great stuff happening here.
  5. Why did you choose this job? – Actually, although I do help in Marketing, my main job is in Admissions! I spend much of the day answering questions and solving problems.
  6. What do you do in your job? – I usually start my day by answering emails from families who want their children to come and study here. We even speak through video calls. A teacher might also tell me something interesting that’s going on so I will take my camera with me to film it and create some content.
  7. Do you make videos for only primary or secondary? – Both! The world needs to see all the wonderful things happening in both sides of our school.
  8. What is the easiest and hardest part of your job? – The easiest would be finding things to make content about because there’s so much going on! The hardest part would be communicating what BSB life is like to a family on the other side of the world.
  9. If you had the chance to be a teacher, would you become one? – Maybe one day! I chose not to be a teacher, but I do enjoy working with children and teaching others.
  10. Why did you decide to get a degree in Law and Business? – It looked interesting and I wanted to get a degree in something that would be challenging!
  11. Can you speak Chinese? – Yes I can! I started learning in London and continued learning while in Beijing. Knowing Chinese makes life more comfortable as a foreigner in China. It’s also the best way to get a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

To finish, we asked Mr Warman to speak some Chinese. He told us a Chengyu (Chinese idiom). 柳暗花明(liǔ’àn huāmíng)which translates as ‘The willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light or at one's darkest hour, comes a glimmer of hope.’

Thanks again to Mr. Warman for taking the time to speak to us.

We hoped you have all learned a little more about a different job role at BSB!

By Aditi, Amy, Ethan and Patrick

The Young Journalists wish everyone a happy Spring break holiday!

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