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    We provide international education to over 1,100 students ages 1-18. We are at the heart of our community, a hub for many expat families in living Beijing.

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    Through the Nord Anglia University we focus our teachers professional development to ensure that your child receives high quality teaching experience.

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    You will immediately recognise one of our students when you meet them by their evident respect for others, their intellectual and social confidence.

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    We are a high achieving school with excellent academic success. We believe in bringing out the best in every student of all abilities.

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    We have a dedicated team waiting to hear from you and ready to put you in touch with others whom you may wish or need to speak to.

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    Through our News & Insights section you can find out the latest from our school and from other schools in the Nord Anglia Education global family.

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    We teach the English National Curriculum, offer a German curriculum at primary level and IB Diploma for Years 12 & 13 students.

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The Weekly BSB 540x329

The Weekly BSB - Issue 7

"The Weekly BSB" is a weekly newspaper presented by our Young Journalist Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) which is made up of students in Years 5 and 6. Students report on events and what's going on around school, conduct interviews and take their own pictures. Click “Read more” at the bottom to visit “The Weekly BSB” webpage to see previous issues!

In this issue

  1. Reading Relentlessly During Portable Magic Week
  2. 2AT’s Class Assembly: Great Explorers!
  3. Year 5’s Play in a Week – Shakespeare Really Does Rock!
  4. 6TB’s Class Assembly: Online Learning!
  5. TA Profile – Ms Judy Zhu
  6. Young Journalist Survey: Popular Events
  • PMW Nonie
  • PMW 6AW
  • PMW Meet the Author Chad Hayward (1)

Reading Relentlessly During Portable Magic Week!

From the week starting 28th of February – 4th of March, Portable Magic Week occurred. As 3rd of March was World Book Day, BSB decided to transform this into a whole week of celebrating reading with Portable Magic Week. There were many activities taking place throughout the week, including guest readers from the Primary Leadership Team, classroom teachers swapping classes to read books and the Obido Book Fair, where children were able to purchase and take home brand new books!

During DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read), students and teachers were encouraged to ‘drop everything’ in lesson time and read a book for 15 minutes – This lead us reading in some very unusual places!

On Monday, student’s beloved PE teacher, Mr. Hayward shared his published book called ‘Normal Norm’ to Year 5 and Year 6. Everyone was excited to see one of their favourite teachers write and share a book with them.

Thursday 3rd of March was World Book Day where students and teachers could dress up as their favourite character from a book, comic or novel they know and love. In Year 5, Harry Potter was the popular costume and in Year 6, characters from Holes were the popular costume.

When asked, “What was your favourite part of Portable Magic Week?” Ms. Manning responded, “My favourite part of the Portable Magic Week was dressing up as my favourite character.”

When Mrs. Warman was asked what she dressed up as and she replied she was dressed up as the Warden from Holes. All students and teachers in BSB Shunyi are all enthusiastic and hope there will be another Portable Magic week again next year.

By: Amy, Lena, Milan, Selena, Anni and Vera.

(Photo courtesy of Marketing Department)

  • 2AT 1
  • 2AT 2
  • 2AT 3
  • 2AT 4
  • 2AT 5
  • 2AT6

2AT’s Class Assembly: Great Explorers!

On Friday 4th of March, 2AT performed a marvellous show about great explorers from different years across history. Children appeared as many inspirational historical figures such as: Neil Armstrong, the first man who stepped on the moon; Amelia Earhart, the first woman the fly over the Atlantic Ocean; Christopher Columbus, the first man to discover America (we also learned he was Queen Elizabeth’s favourite explorer!), just to name a few!

When one our Young Journalists, Patrick, complimented a child in 2AT on their great performance, they simply replied, “I know!”

With only one week to create props, learn their lines and rehearse it was clear how much effort the children and staff put into their assembly. The costumes were colourful and amazingly cute. We loved it so much we would rate it 5 out of 5 and it has left us all very excited for the next Year 2 assembly.

(Photo courtesy of Marketing Department)

  • Y5 PIAW picture

Year 5’s Play in a Week – Shakespeare Really Does Rock!

During 7th March - 11th March, Year 5 worked hard on their Play In A Week (PIAW) because they want to show the school about William Shakespeare with their performance named “Shakespeare Rocks”! They showed us the diary of William Shakespeare’s life, showing his rise to fame, his wide range of plays and some of his biggest fans (including Queen Elizabeth).

One of the Year 5 members of staff that participated in creating this PIAW - Ms Judy said,” My favourite part of PIAW is listening to children singing and prepare their songs. They really sang loudly!”

When the Young Journalists asked Ms Manning (Head of Year 5) why choose to do PIAW based on William Shakespeare, Ms Manning replied, “During Term Two, Year 5 are learning about poetry and we read some poems that are written by William Shakespeare like Romeo and Juliet.” She also said, “The children designed and made all the costumes in my classroom and went to Ms Ogendi’s classroom to colour and create the posters. They also went to Mr Corkery’s classroom to make props and additionally went to Ms Gasser’s classroom to learn the songs and actions.”

Thanks to Year 5 for setting the bar so high. Now we are looking forward to Year 6’s Play In A Week and the Young Journalist hope they can be as fun as the Year 5 one.

By Queena, Selena, Suri and Anni

  • 6TB Assembly (2)
  • 6TB Assembly (1)
  • 6TB Assembly (4)
  • 6TB Assembly (3)
  • 6TB Assembly (5)

6TB’s Class Assembly: Online Learning!

On Friday 4th of March, 6TB performed their class assembly about their online learning experience at BSB Shunyi, to put a humorous spin on a subject that all children and staff had experienced. They demonstrated what they had been learning in a variety of subjects, like the Qing and Ming dynasties in Topic, well-being during PSHE, horror stories in English and Electricity as part of Science. Each sketch featured children showing off what they learned during these subjects, as well as the challenges that they faced using technology!

One of the students in the assembly, Alexander Hong, commented, “I liked the horror part that we did in the assembly.” Another student called Sun responded that he did a good job with the acting and was happy to see other children laugh. Additionally, Mr. Brown said that he liked the way the students showed what they found difficult about being online, especially using humour to show this.

After another successful assembly! The Young Journalists are now looking forward for another assembly performed by Year 6!

By Aditi, Ethan, Henry and Xuan

(Photo courtesy of Marketing Department)

  • TA Profile Picture

TA Profile: Ms Judy Zhu

On Tuesday 15th March, we Interviewed Ms. Judy Zhu, a Teaching Assistant in Year 5. We asked her a series of questions in the hopes of learning something new about her:

1. When did you join BSB?

Six or seven years ago.

2. Why did you want to be a TA?

To be a TA is fun sometimes, you can play with students and can enjoy helping them is very meaningful.

3. Do you want to be a teacher one day?

I don’t know I didn’t think about it before, but I will see in the future when I will have that desire.

4. What is your favorite subject?

I think maths is very challenging sometimes but when you solve a maths problem and succeed, you feel very successful.

5. What hobbies do you enjoy doing out of school?

I enjoy swimming and jogging!

6. Do you have a pet?

I want to keep a dog for a long time but I have not because I realized that having a pet is very troublesome and needs a lot of time to keep the pet healthy

7. Is a TA different from a teacher?

Yes, but in some areas, the job for a teacher and a TA is the same but in other areas, it’s  different.

8. What is your favorite color? 

I prefer warm colors like brown, yellow and green.


We hope you learned something about our amazing Year 5 TA!

By Milan, Ryan, XiYi and Xuan

  • Santa's Secret Shoppe Picture 1
  • House Competition Picture 3
  • Halloween Picture

Young Journalist Survey: Popular Events

This week, the Young Journalists have been going around the school to ask students and staff what their favourite event of the year so far has been. We asked 65 people in total, asking them to choose between their favourites. Here are the results:

  • Santa’s Secret Shoppe - 29%
  • House competition - 17%
  • Halloween - 15%
  • Portable magic week - 11%
  • Remembrance Day - 8%
  • Call To Earth Day - 6%
  • Bake sale from Roots and shoots - 6%
  • Calendar competition - 5%
  • Temple fair - 3%

As you can see, students and staff at BSB love feeling Christmassy as the Santa’s Secret Shoppe has been one of their favourite events of the year so far. We look forward to taking part in many other events happening throughout the rest of the year!

By Suri and XiYi

Click below to visit “The Weekly BSB” webpage to see previous issues!

The Weekly BSB 540x329

The Weekly BSB

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