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01 December, 2019

Roots & Shoots BSB’s inspirational afternoon with Dr. Jane Goodall

Roots & Shoots BSB’s inspirational afternoon with Dr. Jane Goodall

On Tuesday 12th November, Roots and Shoots BSB had a unique opportunity to meet Dr. Jane Goodall at Keystone Academy. It was such an inspiration to hear Jane Goodall’s story and learn how she pursued her dreams despite many challenges and later set up Jane Goodall’s Institute and Roots and Shoots.

Here is what some of our Roots and Shoots members have to say about their experience: 

YunSeo - I was chosen to represent BSB on stage to ask Jane Goodall some questions. My question related to her experience with the chimpanzees in Tanzania. I was very interested in her life story.

Lana - After listening to Jane Goodall, I felt a connection with her and understood why she travels 300 days a year to raise awareness about protecting life on earth. I know that I need to help protect our planet.

FlorentinaJane Goodall’s story was so interesting. She dreamed of what she wanted to do. She worked hard and reached her goal. Her message of not giving up and not worrying about what others think is very important. She has inspired me to follow my dreams.

DeyangI learnt that isn’t such a clear line between animals and humans. Animals are much smarter than we think. An important message was to be brave and to try to discover something nobody has discovered before.

ElaineI am very passionate about our Roots and Shoots project ideas to help protect our planet, and I was very lucky I got to present our project poster to Jane Goodall. As Jane was viewing the other posters, I could feel my legs shaking, I was so nervous. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and I think I did a good job. When Jane Goodall was giving her speech, I was greatly inspired by her. One day, I hope I could make such a huge impact on the world like her.

What is Roots and Shoots?

Founded in 1991 by Dr. Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots is a youth service programme for young people of all ages. Roots & Shoots is a global network of young people taking action to improve our world. It is a youth-led action programme that is currently making a difference in over 50 countries.

Ms Anna Warman

Year 6 Teacher, Primary Writing Leader