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English: A Gateway to Success
10 excellent websites for helping Year 7’s with Chemistry
BISB students celebrating another victory
Graduation Ball 2014
PTA meeting reminder
Hoax UFO pictures
Sponsored Swim
Sports Department News
Winter Concert Invitation
IB Psychology
ISMTF Junior Mathematics Competition
Eco News
The Global Classroom
Greetings from the President of the PTA
Panda Book Award
Mole Day
NRICH Maths Roadshow!
Beaver Computing Challenge
Beaver Computing Challenge
Amazing Adjectives aid delightful descriptive writing!
Global Campus - so much going on!
BIS Bratislava became a Champion School in programming!
Istrobot 2016
Farewell speech from Mr. Farthing
Year 7 Mathematics Relay Race
History Enrichment Activities
BISB students celebrate outstanding results in IB Diploma Programme
Forest school - How to cook hot chocolate on the fire when we forgot the tripod?!?
BISB Computer Science Week 5th – 11th December
World Languages Christmas Bake Sale
BISB Brownies are all tied up!
Pirate Day in Year 1
The Middle Leaders Program for staff
Woodwork in Reception
IB Visual Arts Exhibition - Final Work
Forest School: Brrr….the cold Arctic! Travel to the top of the World!
Meditation, Yoga and Mandala club
Korean School
Message from the Head of Secondary Mr Paul Harrison
Oxford Physics Challenge
Thank you for participating in Parent Satisfaction Survey
The Enormous turnip
Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and now?
Year 7 Geography – making landforms
Forest school - Signs of Spring
ISMTF Middle School Mathematics Competition 2017
Internet Safety and Digital Footprint
Running results
Simon Norrman´s tennis success
Ice cream & ice lollies sale
Reception and Year 1 sewing project
Staff Leaving BISB 2017
Year 12 Assembly with Dr Michal Mlynar
IGCSE Results 2017
Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO and George Ghantous, RMD visit BISB
Back to School BBQ, 29th September 17:00-19:00
Calculators for Mathematics
What's the right age to get my child a tablet?
BISB University and Careers Guidance Counselor
Year 3 Discovery Day - Vertigo Climbing
BAYARD children's magazines
Science Club Needs Your Help!
ABRSM Awards
BISB success at QSi Maths Olympiad
School without plastic bags
Stephen Dunn, Juilliard Curriculum Specialist at BISB
End of Term Celebration Assemblies
Nord Anglia High School Boy and Girls Basketball Tournament – Budapest
Youth Speaks House Competition 2018
Stužková ceremony 2018
Juilliard Alumni Visit - Michal Emanovsky at BISB
Usborne Books for Sale
Middle Leadership Course certificates
Book Week Global Library
IGCSE Art Exam
PTA Coffee Morning
Sponsored run
IB Art Exhibition
ISMTF Middle School Maths Competition
Nursery Children Rescue a Wounded Bird
Gauss, Pascal & Fermat contests
BISB has a new learning resource center and social area
English through art
Halloween Camp 2018
How wide is the Danube?
Global Challenge
Lecture for Parents - Friendology
Ryan Bradshaw’s piano success
See it! Say it! Stop it!
The Eco-school's project at our school continues
Winner of the 2018/19 Global Campus Creative Writing Competition
Spring Camp 2019
Using Compass and Cardinal Directions – North, South, East and West
The ISMTF Junior Maths Competition
Year 3 Dragon Days Show
Year 8 Heart Dissection
How do you untangle spaghetti?
ISMTF Maths Competition
Celebrating neurodiversity
Student's experience at the Stanford Summer Session programme
Gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
An inspirational story to share with our community
DOROTEA L. achieved a perfect score in the NCSS Challenge (Intermediate) 2019.
Announcing Student Leadership Team
Soap Snow Flakes at Nursery
BISB Graduate 2017 accepted to Cambridge!
Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Ceremony
Tipy na udržanie duševného zdravia počas virtuálnej výučby
The Canadian Computing Competition
Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Global Campus Young Virtual Musician Winners!
Rube Goldberg Challenge
Great results achieved by our IB Diploma students!
Hip-Hop Dance
International Day in Nursery
BISB is hosting SAT exams!
Year 7 German Christmas Lesson
The rewards of learning a language are greater than you can imagine
Mental Health Tips during Virtual School Experience
STEAM-MIT Minecraft Education
Global Campus Comic Book Competition
Minecraft in History
Canadian Computing Competition
Eco Challenge: Spring Forest Cleaning
Summer Drama Camps in collaboration with the British Theater School
NCSS Programming Competition
Junior Maths Competition
Global Campus Visual Arts Competition
Eco Challenge – Reduce Food Waste
COBIS Student Achievement Awards 2021
Students today, citizens and leaders tomorrow
IB Theory of Knowledge Exhibition
ISMTF Middle School Maths Competition
Macbeth: From Page to Stage
Falconry Demonstration
Outstanding results achieved by our IB Diploma students for the 2020/21 academic year!
Celebrating fantastic IGCSE results
Great results of French DELF Exams
CAS Activities Year 7 -11
Year 6 House Captain Event
Students Presentations in History iGCSE
Years 7 - 11 CAS Clubs
Ritangle Math competition
Clothing Swap
FULL STEAM AHEAD for this year’s First M.I.T. CHALLENGE!
Nursery rhymes and songs help develop speech and communication skills
Nord Anglia Education launches 8th International Teacher Recruitment Fair
Fruit Trees Planting in the School Garden
Year 9 Artists are working towards a Printmaking outcome
The Virtual Performing Arts Festival 2022
Mindset is the key to successful learning
Year 9 Youth Speaks Competition
Canadian Computing Competition 2022
Stop helping students, let them fail
Why bother with Music in School?
NAE Virtual Musician of the Year Competition 2022
Budapest Festival of Sport
Global Campus Writer's Award
IB DP ART Exhibition
Year 11 IGCSE Artists
How opportunity and trust helped Karolina develop her confidence
Schools need to focus on more than just academic learning
IGCSE Art & Design
Admission to the IBDP
Applying to Oxford and Cambridge
Applying to Slovakia and Czech Republic
Arts Music and Drama
Creativity Activity Service
Eco School
Forest School
House System
IB Learner Profile
Life in Bratislava
Moving to Bratislava
Parent Teacher Association
Student Success Stories
Summer Internship Programme
Trips and Expeditions
Virtual Discovery Meeting
Writing a Personal Statement
BISB students celebrate outstanding IBDP results