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Message from Secondary
Message from Secondary - 26th October
How partnerships with world-leading organisations transform learning
What's the right age to get my child a tablet?
Message from Primary - 9th November
Message from Secondary - 9th November
50 Years of International Education: Cap and Gown Ceremony, May 2019
Outstanding results achieved yet again by our IB Diploma students for the 2018/19 academic year
Message from Early Years
Message from Primary
Message from Early Years
Message from Primary
The importance of family time
What is the Theory of Knowledge?
Message from Primary
Message from Secondary
Week 2 | Message from Primary
Week 3 | Message from Primary
Week 4 | Message from Primary
Week 6 | Message from Primary
Well-being in the Early Years
Professional Development at NAIS Pudong
Message from Primary
What's on in Sports at NAIS Pudong
Music Connects NAIS Pudong Students to their Community
Message from Primary
Early Years Christmas Performance
An ambitious and unforgettable journey
In a world of TV and smartphones, why do we need books?
What's on in Sports at NAIS Pudong
Let me tell you a story
What's on in Sports at NAIS Pudong
An insight into our Early Years Department - Video and Q&A
The power of a supportive student environment
Reusable mask making in school – A Student Council Initiative
Tiny Tots | A sneak peek into Early Years in NAIS Pudong
TOK Exhibition | A milestone in the IB Diploma
Another year of outstanding results by NAIS Pudong’s IB Diploma students!
Whole School Meet and Greet Evening
Student Spotlight | Leyi
Take it Outside! The Importance of Outdoor Play
Under 19 netball is back!
End of Summer Picnic at NAIS Pudong
What is EAL and how do we celebrate it at NAIS?
When languages come alive
SHAMUN Conference
What does it mean to learn something?
Early Years parent workshop | The Importance of Motor Development in the Early Years
"Faster, Higher, Stronger…. Together" - Secondary Sports Day
We looked for autumn treasures and listened to the sounds of the forest.
A taste of El Dia De Los Muertos
Athletics Rules and Regulations
Be A*mbitious – 100% A*A in IGCSE Mathematics.
Football Rules and Regulations
MIT Hack the Tube
Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
Students visit orphanage
Swimming Rules and Regulations | NAIS Pudong
T-Ball Rules and Regulations
A Visit to the Chocolate Factory
Food Shopping Online in Shanghai
Top Ten Tips for Moving & Living in Shanghai
Where To Live in Shanghai
NAIS Pudong shortlisted for the prestigious international schools awards
What is the Extended Essay?
The FOBISIA Modern Foreign Language Championship
Wise up!
Character Education
Creativity Activity Service at NAIS Pudong
Higher Education | The amazing university offers
SISAC Sportsperson Award for 2022 to Caroline
Nord Anglia University Destinations
Cap and Gown | NAIS Pudong Class of 2022
Greengates School in Mexico joins Nord Anglia Education’s global family of schools
Results Day 2022: How can I help my child feel less anxious?
Why creativity is an essential skill to develop
2022-2023 NAIS Pudong Academic Calendar
How do children learn best?
Helping your child make friends at school?
Principal's Message | My Philosophy
Jessica's ambition to be a doctor
Keeping Your Children Safe at School
How to talk to your child about their exam results
How to raise a confident child
What is personalised learning and how does it help my child at school?
Prioritising the wellbeing of our students
Sir Michael Barber appointed Chair of Nord Anglia University
OPEN DAY | Register Now for the 2023-2024 School Year
The Extended Essay (EE) and University Admissions
Halloween at Nord Anglia International School Shanghai, Pudong
Christmas Bazaar
Points don’t mean prizes: The best way to motivate children at school and home
Around the Houses!
The Importance and Successes of Our Early Years Provision
An amazing opportunity to meet the General Consul of Colombia - Mr. Daniel Cruz Cárdenas
Higher Education preparation and offers
Model United Nations conference
Book Week
University Guidance at Nord Anglia International School Shanghai Pudong
20th Anniversary Celebrations
An amazing opportunity to meet the General Consul of Colombia - Mr. Daniel Cruz Cárdenas
We learn to apply Maths in everyday situations
What does Maths look like in the Primary School at NAIS?
Let’s talk about wellbeing
OPEN DAY | Register Now for the 2023-2024 School Year
Life as an international student
Celebrating 20 years at NAIS Pudong
Celebrating Diversity at NAIS Pudong!
Alexandre Denes: Outstanding Spanish Achievement
Nord Anglia Education and IMG Academy announce global sports and education collaboration
The Value of our British Education
Coronation Celebrations for King Charles III
Accelerated Reader and Star Reading Assessment
Let's talk about resilience
Callum Lang's Triathlon Victory!
Let's talk about metacognition
Cap and Gown Ceremony - Congratulations Class of 2023
Community Center Shanghai and Social Impact
Education experts discuss innovation in teaching on new ‘Learning Explorations’ podcast from Nord Anglia Education
Broadening Your Child's Horizons: MIT
Student Showcase Spectacular!
Senior Drama Club performs DNA
End of the Academic Year
Summer Works in School
Putting the AI into NAIS Pudong
Primary Student Progress
Optional Summer Photo Competition
Helping your child make friends at school
What is personalised learning and how does it help my child at school?
UNICEF Student Summit inspires and empowers student delegates
Summer School Highlights from Last Week
Why Choose a British Curriculum School?
Renovation Progress of Summer Works in School!
Smaller School, Bigger Benefits: Enhancing the Educational Experience
School Facility Renovation Nearing Completion – Welcome Back!
NAIS Pudong Parent & Community Association
New Student Induction Day
Artificial Intelligence and education. Our perspective.
First Week Back
ASA Fair
Celebrate the Triumph of Excellence: Unveiling IGCSE Stars
Benefits of the Early Years Curriculum at NAIS Pudong
This Week at NAIS Pudong
Student Report from the NAE-UNICEF Summit in New York
This Week at NAIS Pudong
Accelerated Reader and Star Reading Assessment
This week at NAIS Pudong
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from NAIS Pudong
This Week at NAIS Pudong
Avenues New York and Avenues São Paulo to join the Nord Anglia Education family of international schools
Offering a refreshingly honest view on the future of education
Halloween Celebrations at NAIS Pudong
An Insight into AI
Student Progress at NAIS Pudong
NAIS Pudong Challenge Winners Visit MIT
‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ - My Thoughts
“Life in the Skills Locker” from INSIGHTS – My Thoughts
Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit
Educational Insights - Performing Arts at NAIS Pudong
EYFS Christmas Jukebox
Last Week at NAIS Pudong
A week at MIT: What our collaboration offers students like me
Nord Anglia pledges a new round of funding for student-led social impact projects
Principal's Awards - Considerate learners
Nord Anglia Education records huge increase in digital learning in 2023
New Horizons Programme – Now Open!
Scholarship Applications Open Now!
Nurturing Critical Thinkers and Lifelong Learners
English as an Additional Language at NAIS Pudong
Alumni Visit – Celebrating Success
Juilliard Music Specialist visits this week
Winter Skiing Expedition to Switzerland
NAIS Pudong's Recent Sporting Triumphs
Juilliard Music Specialist Visits NAIS Pudong
'Why mattering matters' from INSIGHTS - My thoughts
Global Campus at NAIS Pudong
Understanding the IB Diploma Programme... in 60 seconds
Welcome to the Year of the Dragon
INSIGHTS - The Generative Generation Response
Tuesday Talk – Y6 to Y7 Transition
This Month at NAIS Pudong
Insights Article - The Power of Metacognition
Educational Insights: The MIT/NAE Collaboration
Book Week
Spring Fair is coming
Parent Satisfaction Survey 2024 Results
International Week
Why do we send kids up mountains?
Principal's Awards
Let's talk about... bullying
Educational Insights: Sports at NAIS Pudong
Career Planning: Industry Expert Presentations
The evolution of exams